hey lady....WHY do you have to touch my new bag?!!! LOL

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  1. so....i had a 'mommy day off' today and thought i would enjoy myself before i give birth to my baby #2.....so i was off to window shopping!

    i ended up factory outlet before i hit my usual bigger mall ----

    i took my new Galliera, it was 'her' 2nd day out.
    look at her, how beautiful she is!!!!:love: lol

    then i 'felt' someone burning hole on my new bag....she walked pass me, then came back a few steps and started giving me the most generous compliments on how pretty, gorgeous, beautiful my bag was!!! awwwwwwwww:girlsigh: it was so sweet and almost made me :shame:.....she just went on and on how much she LOVED my bag! and she knew what she was talking about and started asking what kind of "inside (canvas or...)" was.....

    then it happened.

    she stuck her fingers INSIDE OF MY NEW BAG and FELT MY POOR NEW BABY!!!!:wtf:

    i was thinking.........WTF!!!!


    but i just smiled:smile: ..... she already moved on to next question asking me if i paid $2,000 for the bag, which mall i got it from..... even though i was in a mini-shock stage, she continued the conversation with me.
    we stood there and talked like 5min, i answered all the questions for her!!! LOL

    it was fun, actually.....but weird!!!

    yesterday was this little miss Galliera's first day out and i went to visit my friend's house (who's almost pregnant but she's in a strict bed rest)..... as soon as she sees me, she wanted to 'play' with my bag and touched and inspected everything and everywhere!!! LOL

    hey ladies.....WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TOUCH MY NEW BAG???!!!!!!!:roflmfao: i should start carrying around those white gloves, if you wanna touch it, wear them!!!!!!:lol: LMFAO

    (sorry for the long post! ..... NOT! lol)
  2. Hahaha funny story,It was the same when I got my pochette....everybody wanted to feel the strap because it was soft...I was like step away from the louis! Hahaha but at least she dint say,"is it real??" Now that i would have been pissed LOL.
  3. OMG! Everytime I go to the post office the ladies FEEL up my bags... no matter what I am carrying Louis... Coach... Mikey... they feel my stuff up...

    I HATE IT!
  4. Ha ha admiration turn to XXXX.

    I understand but what to do?
  5. That is toooooo funny! I've caught women totally staring if I carry something unusual like L'Affriolant but no one has EVER come up and actually touched my bag...that would be tooooooo weird!
  6. LV does inspire the strangers to "fondling", doesn't it? You took it with such grace...good for you. I usually have a knee jerk reaction & just blurt out with, "Oh please don't touch my bag!", while holding it back. So awkward...
  7. i don't mind when other touch my bags but they are all my friends, thier like omg can i see it! and then they take it and look at it like thier inspecting a bag hehe inside opening it and stuff like that haha. i do that when they get a new bag too i almost drool over them hehe
  8. thank you for letting me share the story guys!!!:tup:

    :bagslap: <--- wanted to do this...! LOL

    but..... :smile: is all i could do. poor me.... LOL

    ohhhh, trust me, i went on to my DH's friend once...."DAMMIT! don't touch my bag!!!!!" he was ONLY trying to 'carry' my brand new Manhattan GM for me (cuz i had my hands full).....WTF?! it's L-O-U-I-S V-U-I-T-T-O-N!!! back off, buddy!:roflmfao: he learned his lesson! even my DH gave him crap after that. hahaha

    but to complete strangers..... i'm nice. LOL

    but, but, but....this lady touched INSIDE of my bag!!!!! just when i thought i'm used to 'this kind of bag abuse - touching outside'!!!!!

  9. I think they wanna feel what a $$$ bag feels like???? LOL
  10. Did they rub your belly too? LOL

  11. LOL

    that's ANOTHER story.....you KNOW how that is!!!:roflmfao:

    now i 'tell' people to rub it for good luck! ha-ha
    i get little upset when people ask me if i'm having twins....!:rolleyes:

    how are you doing mama, nice to see you around!!!:heart:;)
  12. ^^I bet you look wonderful!

    You're almost there, very excited for you. Go enjoy your last month of peace...and then you can PM me and we can cry together from exhaustion!

  13. aww, that's really cute actually. little ms. Galliera is POPULAR!
  14. hahahhaa id be like uhhh can i help u if someone did that to me. LMAO. actually, id prolly just be in shock! and after she stuck her hand in there i would be like "oh."
  15. Aww it is cute.