Hey ladies....

  1. It is time for a new purse. I am thinking of the bucket bag in the picnic print in green or Turquoise or the hearts print. I also was thinking maybe the small duffle in the picnic Turquoise or green if i can find it. So ladies who have bucket bags do you like them? cause i already have a medium duffel in the bee print. I also have the bowler in black that was in the la lo shoot. a few years back.

  2. Hey "Will",
    I own the IT Chain North/South bucket bag that retails for $180. Honestly, I bought the bag because I could get a discount at work and I had not ever bought a dooney with a black background, but now that I have it it really isn't my fave. I'm only 5'2", and I feel that when I have to put the bucket down on the counter at the store to pay for things, I cannot even see inside my bag to grab my wallet. I barely use this bag, though it LOOKS adorable. Plus, I have a hard time keeping it on my shoulder. I have seen the same bag in white on another girl that often shops where I work and it looks great on her and she always carries it so, perhaps it's just not the bag for ME.
    I would suggest trying on a few different style buckets at stores near you, since Dooney makes different bucket shapes. I was just cumpulsive. :drool:
  3. I have both the north-south chain bucket bag (black It), and 2 of the smaller bucket bags (pink sig. and pink AWL). I am a taller girl, so either works for me--I use the north-south bag when I need a shoulder bag, and the other 2 when I don't mind a handheld. I can't fit nearly as much in the smaller buckets as I can the north-south, but I usually carry my slim wristlet with my cash, my checkbook with my cards, and a flap wristlet with my cosmetics, in my small buckets. And there's room for my cell. I think my pink sig. bucket is my favorite Dooney. Just a perfect bag!!
    dooney.black.jpg dooney.raspberry.jpg pinkbucket1.jpg
  4. ^^ Those are too cute! Love the colors you chose.
  5. I also have a black it chain north/south and black tartan chain north/south. I love buckets for the comfort and roominess factor. These are also my only "fun" bags and I take them out when I feel colorful.
  6. Well I went yesterday and I got the small duffle in green! I wish i would have gotten my bee in the small not med. but oh well. I went to the store near me and they had a good sale going on in hindsight i wish i would have taken advantage of it and gotten the bucket it also. But oh well. I may go back next week after i get some more money and get another one and maybe an emma bag.
  7. i have the bucket in splash print