Hey ladies, *please* send me good thoughts!

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  1. I got a call back from my interviewer today telling me that they were still keeping me in mind and were trying to "work out some things" and will "talk again next week" with me.

    I think this could be my dream job, I never expected to get to a second-round interview!

    Please send me good luck vibes!

    I love you ladies! :heart:
  2. Oh Annie! I SOO hope you get it!
    ~~~~~good luck vibes~~~~~coming your way!!
  3. need me to write a letter for ya!? LOL!
  4. haha, thanks, Swanky! If you could besiege them with annoying phone calls demanding they hire me (and change your voice every time so it sounds like numerous individuals) I would really appreciate it!
  5. i'm wishing you all the good luck in the world, hun! you're so f*cking fabulous that they'd be fools to say no to you.
  6. Best of luck to you - you deserve it!!!!!!
  7. Good luck Intlset!! Waiting for the call back can be very nerve-racking...but Im sure your one of their top competitors for the position:yes:
    I wish you all the best :flowers:
  8. IntlSet, you will always have my good wishes and thoughts! I hope you get the best possible job and enjoy your new home! I can't wait to hear all about it, and maybe take you to lunch and go shopping on the Magnificent Mile if you end up in Chicago!
  9. What kind of job is it? Whatever it is, I'm sure you would be terrific and I hope you get it!! Will keep fingers crossed.
  10. Ooh, good luck! It sounds like you're under serious consideration.
  11. Hey girl ! Good luck, definitely sending good karma your way.
  12. I'm sending you the best of luck and good wishes!
  13. *crossing my fingers for you*...Good luck and I hope you get your dream job!!!
  14. That's great! Hope this leads to your dream job!! Best wishes!!!!
  15. wish u well and hope that u do get it.. just remain positive...