Hey Ladies! Join Me In Shaking and Waking The Bal Forum Up!

  1. Okay, I have heard a few complaints that things are just dull, dull, dull, around here, so instead of grumbling along with you guys, I've decided to help liven things up around here! I will post pics of the bags I am stepping out in this summer, and a few drool worthy photos! Please share any photos that inspire you or anything that we might drool over together!!!!

    Numero Uno is my precious baby...
    And how about studs, and I am not talking about flat brass, pewter, or silver....
    And then there were three...
    Oh would I love to wake up to this every morning...
    How about 6 for summer style....
    They can make me walk the plank anytime...
    Okay, here is the whole gang, and I will to do my best to use each one this summer...
    Sorry ladies my brain melts when I look at this one, so you will have to add your own witty comments!
    Okay, I pulled an all nighter to get a book reveiw in and I needed something to wake me up. I stopped by the pf looking for my usual jolt, and found a few of your were feeling like I was about the forum being slow. Well I had to come up with something while we are all waiting for the 07 f/w bags to arrive! Please help me out and add any drool worthy pictures you have! Bags or boys, and even if you have shared them elsewhere on the pf!!! Pretty please! Happy summer to all!
  2. O.K., Deana, I'll have to get some photos (and witty comments) together, and I'll be back later to post. DH is going out to dinner tonight with his friends, so I'll be able to play a little on TPF!
  3. *sigh* i :heart: orlando too...:drool:...thank you for this!
  4. i love how vibrant all your BBags are!!
  5. TOo FuN:roflmfao:
  6. love it deana! thanks. mmmm yummy.
  7. Orlando :girlsigh: I'd trade all my Bbags for him :graucho:
  8. :yahoo:Yay perfect timing! I'm counting on ya sweeite! I'm looking forward to whatever you have to share! Anyone else?:idea:
  9. Thanks for the all the exciting pics. of gorgeous bags and studs!
  10. Your gorgeous bags brightened up my day. And the studs weren't too bad either!!!!!
  11. Thank you Deana...just what I needed.

    We may have to fight over Orlando though...:boxing:
  12. It's so funny b/c I feel gloomy here lately too!!! I think it's just the waiting for the new colors to come out as I'm so looking foward to them!!!:yahoo: Thanks for this thread Deana!!!:heart::heart::heart:

    I am counting on Purse oooh to give us something good here!!!!:tup:
  13. :p
    Actually Viggo is the one for me. My daughters and I got to meet them at the Two Towers Premiere in LA, and they were all soooo sweet and TDF for good looking in person! My crush is Viggo, Orlando for my 20 yr old, and Elijah for my 14 yr old. And even though each one was sweet and cute, Orlando was AMAZING! He stayed in the street for almost an hour making sure everyone got pics and autographs, he stayed even when security was trying to get him to go inside!
    Here's another for you...
    And one for me...
    Any Ewan lover's out there?
    How about Gerard?
  14. omg!!!!!! i love orlando bloom!!!!!!!!!

    and your bbags! they are gorgeous, what a vibrant team!
  15. Call me crazy but, this jacket looks like Rouge VIF!! :supacool: That's my hubby, always trying to find jackets to match my bags. Oh the madness!!!