hey!ladies, im confused...is Diabro.net an authorised retailer?

  1. Recently, we're talking about if Diabro is an authorised retailer and authentic bags...some of us has directly raised the question and got reply from Balenciaga which they stressed that they do not authorise their bags to be sold online, yet i read lots of threads that people got authentic and lovely bags from Diabro, coz i am tempting with their price to grab one, but i am confused now...any advice about this shop?

    (i tried to email Diabro today and waiting for their reply...)
  2. I have no idea but my PT is authentic... I think... still havent posted on the authentication thread... you're starting to worry me... let us know what they reply aye....
  3. yea i will keep you updated once they reply, but coz in the other threads about diabro experience, some ladies are talking about what they have asked the Balenciaga through email and some other said they are authentic but they just break the 'rules' to sell it online, coz they have different branches in japan i suppose...

    i think they're realli authentic and hope just so called 'breaking rules' as they do online shopping...coz their price are tempting and rare to get a desirable PT now and im saving up and ready soon to have one!!
  4. but i saw diabro is on the 'reputable' stores in the shopping threads...
  5. My sister email them yesterday. She forward me their reply. :confused1: Is this the truth for Japanese law?

    Thank you for your interest in Diabro.net.

    As we are based in Japan and the jurisdiction system governing
    luxurious goods is different here, we are able to post these pictures
    on our website.

    All our merchandise are 100% authentic and they come with the original
    manufacturers' tags, labels, cards and dustbags.

    I hope this helps. If you have further queries, please do not hesitate
    to contact us again.

    We look forward to your patronage in the near future.

  6. That explanation doesn't make much sense to me. It's not a rule imposed by any government - it's a rule imposed by Balenciaga on the retailers to whom they sell.

    I thought the reason Diabro got away with it is because they don't buy directly from Balenciaga - but from some "middleman." ??

    I'd like to know the definitive answer to this question as well!!!
  7. i am confused again...
    tags, labels, card, dustbag...they can all be soooo real in replica, well i believe they are authentic? coz some of us in the threads mention that they all look authentic...struggle...
  8. Well there's actually two different questions here:

    1. are the bags diabro.net sells authentic Balenciaga bags?

    2. how are they getting around balenciaga's rules about not selling online?

    I think the consensus on the Balenciaga forum is that the answer to #1 is "yes."

    The answer to #2 is ??? (we don't really know how they are getting around it).
  9. so do you mean its 100% safe to purchase there? coz i'm thinking to get one there soon...
  10. yes in my experience, their bags are 100% authentic. I've purchased both my bbags from them and it took 3 days to get here to calif. they also have amazing customer service!!
  11. hey!! i just try to order from them...and i have to use the bank trasnfer, unluckily i am in UK i wonder if it take ages for my payment to reach them and the product will take ages afterwards!!
    you all seem just took 3-4days thatz so cooool...i wonder if i am the same case...:confused1:
  12. Oooh let me know how you get on. I have often thought about buying a bag from them but have been a bit worried about customs etc. How much is postage to the UK?
  13. I've used diabro a number of times to the UK. They reduce the value on the customs form, so I've never been caught out with customs *touch wood* so far.

    I've just ordered a bbag and postage was $23.04.

    They are very quick delivery and their customer service is excellent.

    Not as yet had any experience of returning anything to them, so can't comment on this aspect.
  14. Oh...I am thinking about purchase the city bag from them as well... Can you please update if it's too much trouble using bank transfer?? Cause I am in UK as well... TIA!! :smile:
  15. I only ever used paypal for payment, so I'm afraid I don't know.