Hey ladies, I could use your help...

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  1. First off....apologies for invading your space. It is very very pink in here :supacool:. I'm hoping I can get some opinions on a purchase for my wife for her coming up 29th birthday. A little about here, she is a nurse, we live in Miami, her style in both design and fashion is minimalist.

    We go to a fair amount of black tie and semi-formal events and she is always mentioning that she needs a watch for these parties.

    Just found out last night, we are going to be having our first baby, so for all her gifts this year I'm trying to keep it under $500.

    This is the watch I am considering.....what are your opinions?


    Thank you in advance for any help....Miguel
  2. Diamond stud earrings?
  3. Very nice but with a new baby in the future (congrats!), it's not practical as far as caring for an infant or work (since she's a nurse). Movado makes full bracelet watches with deployant clasps that would not only be elegant for your black tie affairs, but something she could wear every day! The cuff style you linked is easily pulled off the wrist (been there!).

    From what you said, she sounds like a practical woman, so I'd keep that in mind. ;)
  4. I think a Movado is an excellent choice for her. However, I'd consider a black leather strap or a black satin strap instead of the one you posted.
  5. It's definitely a fantastic and gorgeous watch. But with a new baby and as a nurse she probably needs something a little more practical. I like the suggestion of diamond studs. A baby would have a harder time pulling them out (versus longer earrings) and they'd be classy enough to wear all the time.

    Good luck! :smile:

    Edited to Add - How about a pair of earring posts with the birthstone of your new baby?!?!? I think that would be SUPER sweet. :smile:
  6. Here's a lovely one I just saw in the online edition of the local paper:

    Bertolucci Vir Watch. Ladies' mini vir, polished stainless steel, and black dial. They no longer make this model. Worn only a few times. Has all the papers and the box. Is valued at $1000.00 but will take $400 obo. Please contact Jessica at (208)720-7566.

    A great deal! The ad comes out in tomorrows paper (wed. 8/23)

    and here are some pics of similar watch (hers has the black dial):
  7. He said he has a $500 budget. You're only going to get garbage diamonds for $500 (unfortunately). I think the watch idea is still great and he can find some super great watches with a $500 budget.
  8. Sad, but true about the diamonds.:sad: I'd stick with the watch idea.:yes:
  9. If she's a nurse, she'll need a watch with a non-sweeping second hand, but it's interesting that she mentions wanting a watch for black-tie occasions, as I was brought up to leave my watch (no matter how fancy) at home if attending a formal event. My mother, who is also a nurse, wears a Citizen watch when she's on duty.

    You could also look at brands like Michele and Technomarine, as some of their models let you change out straps with relative ease. At work, she could opt for a ripstop nylon or rubber strap and switch out to a crocodile strap for evening wear.
  10. Really? Even for small ones? I mean, I don't know a ton about diamonds because I don't work with them, but I've seen some lovely, though small, diamond studs that were good quality/clarity.

    I guess if they need to be larger that'd be too little money.

    But what about birthstone earrings? August is periodot and a nice pair of peridot stud earrings wouldn't be too bad in price - even for good quality ones.

    September is sapphire and my husband bought me the MOST gorgeous (though again, tiny) green sapphire studs for Christmas a couple of years ago for around $130...they had larger, equally gorgeous ones, that went up to around $800 or so. I prefer tiny ones though.
  11. I have a really nice Citizen watch with diamond accents... I love it.

    But I totally agree that she'd need something with a full band.. not a cuff style.
  12. You could possibly get 1/4 total weight (12 points per ear) of a decent quality at that price range, but 1/4 carat total weight earrings are SO tiny it's hardly worth spending the money. A decent pair of 1/2 carat TW will run close to $1000 and even those are a bit on the small side when you talk about putting them on an ear lobe.

    My own preference for diamonds is that I'd rather wait for something nice and of a decent size or start with something smaller and over the years, trade up until I get the size I want. In Island_Runner's case, he's got less than nine months to make his purchase. ;)