Hey ladies..check out my new Fawn Devote..

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  1. #1 Jan 21, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2009
    Thanks to stelladogs pics I absoloutely fell in :heart: with this bag..the color and leather. The devote is an awesome bag..I think I could turn into a devote queen:P..It as good if not better than the nikki..The bottom is a bit more structured, but with the smooshy leather it hangs awesome. I also bought some LAMB shoes hoping they would match the bag and they do perfect..I love LAMB shoes..I have never even looked at them before..I have to be on a serious ban for awhile due to building a house..These were my last purchases for awhile. I will be going through withdraws..but excited for my new house:yahoo:

    Fawn Devote w/flash part of my cat too :smile:



    sideral gray and fawn devote
  2. Awesome pics Kimber! Congrats on the new house, and your new Devote. Love, love, love the Fawn color. Lucky girl.
  3. holy cow Kimber!! Love your new devote and damn those Lamb heels are GORGEOUS!!!! What style are they? I am going to copy you and buy if I can find them in my size! Love all your bags!!
  4. LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the shoes are awesome.

    If Codi and I would quit missing each other, maybe I will have some of my own Fawn Devote pics to post too....:crybaby:
  5. Thanks...you will so :heart: this bag.
  6. kimber I love this Devote!! Question: what color is the hw on the Fawn?
  7. ohhhhh, I'm really liking the devote!! kimber you're gona look so hot, rockin' your new fawn devote with gorgeous new heels!!! mod pics ;)
  8. gold
  9. Beautiful bag! Love the fawn color on devote. Congrats on such a beauty :tup:
  10. I am so in love with the Fawn Devote. The shoes are hot too! I would love to see more modeling pics of the Devote!
  11. LOVE! Congrats!
  12. Oh, I :heart: the Fawn Devote! What a beauty! That's really bad news for me if you consider the Devote to be as good if not better than Nikki... my bank account will hate me for sure once I get addicted to Devotes too (which I'm certain will happen at some point!)
  13. w00t w00t!!
    I'm so glad you got it! You are gonna lurrrrrve her!!!

    (now I'm off to seriously scope out those shoes... perfection!)

    mod pics please!

    (btw... how do the shoes fit? pretty true to size?)
  14. What a great color. I love the bag and the shoes together!!