Hey LA!!!

  1. cute!
  2. OMG!!!! That's an amazing price!!! THANK YOU! I already ordered Madeline though:crybaby: I love her too.
  3. WOW I really like this! Do you think this bag would fit comfortably over your shoulder? I can't believe how much I like this. I never really paid much attention to this bag before, but I really like it from these pics.
  4. My daughter and I were playing dress up with the Madelines in the store today! She went crazy over the little scarves attached! You are going to LOVE that bag - congrats on ordering it!
  5. THANKS! I can't wait!!!! :nuts:
  6. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] ash!!!! For this thread and for letting me know about the awesome deal...too bad I missed it :sad:
  7. Your welcome! I am going to the outlets on Tuesday so if I find one cheap I will let you know. And if you want I will put it on hold or tell them to do a charge send or whatever.