Hey Kymara!! Name Them All

  1. Ok Kymara, I am intrigued :graucho:

    Your avatar shows a lovely box of yummy bbag color swatches, yes?!?!

    With a challenge, "name them all :smile:" :nuts:

    Can you blow up the pic for us to guess?!?! :wlae:
  2. bump! ;)
  3. LOL, love this thread!!

    come on kymara...........................:whistle::whistle:
  4. Shes probably still asleep! lol come on lazy bones get up!
  5. ooooh.... this sounds interesting... pretty please?
  6. ohhhhh i love this thread...Now we have only to find Kymara :smile:
  7. I was asleep ;) Ok I try make a bigger version the original was made specially to fit the avatar size ;) Anyone care to try on the little one, in the mean time? Here it is scaled up:
  8. ^sure, I'll try - feeling crazy this morning ;)

    left to right, top to bottom:
    Rouille, Teal, Rouge Vermillion, French Blue, Pumpkin
    04 Lilac, Jaune, Violet, Blue India, 06 Emerald
    Apple Green, Sky Blue, Magenta, Marigold, Blueberry
    06 Lilac, Rouge Vif, Pistachio, Eggplant, Aquamarine
    06 Caramel, Pale Rose, Dolma, 04 Rose, Marine
  9. Oh yay! The first challenger! I'll PM you ;)
  10. ooh can I try? I got stumped on three tho and got them from slinks:

    tabac, anthracite, rouge vermillion, ocean, pumpkin

    lilac04, jaune, eggplant, blue india, emerald

    vert gazon, turquoise, magenta, marigold, marine

    lilac06, rouille, origan, violet, aquamarine

    caramel, pale rose, dolma, lilac03, plomb

  11. Slinks is closer just now .. shall I pm you?
  12. no it's ok - that was fun, though! :tup:
  13. [​IMG]
    here it is, redone with the same swatches as before, but bigger.
  14. here is mine!!!!
    paprika, teal, rouge vermillion, cornflower , orange,
    04 lilac , marigold, violet, turquoise 04 , emerald,
    apple green , turquoise 05 , magenta , jaune , marine ,
    06 lilac, true red, pistachio , eggplant , aquamarine ,
    mustard, pale rose , dolma , rose, ink
  15. ok. i will give it a go:

    rouille, teal, ocean, pumpkin
    04 lilac, marigold, violet, cornflower, dolma
    apple green, turquoise, magenta, jaune, blueberry
    06 lilac, rouge vif, pistachio, eggplant, french blue
    caramel, bubblegum, sky blue, rose, ink