Hey Juicy Couture lovers in Toronto

  1. Do you know where i can buy juicy couture bags in toronto? I could not think of anywhere that sells them. Any ideas? much appreciated :lol:
  2. Holt Renfrew does...Although you might have to go where the Juicy clothes are stocked to find the bags, they aren't always in the purse department.
  3. Holt Renfrew
  4. wow, u guys reply fast. Thanks! I actually tried to look for them in those stores, but did not see any. :crybaby:
  5. Eluxury has some, too.
  6. Holt Renfrew on Bloor definitely has some in stock...was just there today. There is also a store on Queen West with tons of juicy bags and accessories but i forget the name of it. Their window display is chock full of Juicy though- you can't miss it.
  7. thanks ellewoods for the info. i was not much of a juicy fan, but recently saw this juicy bag on eluxury that is soo cute and wanted to get it so badly but i know they only ship within US