HEY JILL- RE: the PM I just sent

  1. Here's the pic. Thanks again!
  2. Its over 2000..I saw it at Saks..I emailed her to see if she has it at Prada store...I pay no tax when its shipped here so its a good deal to order thru Prada directly!
  3. Thanks. The DH will kill me, but hey, I'll go out in style! :nuts:
  4. HEY-she will check tomorrow and let me know ..they were sold out of them....I actually think she is on right now..LOL...I see her sign on (EMAIL ADDY!)name...she can answer you directly too!
  5. PS-I checked the Saks website, but they don't have it. My usual source in Charlotte doesn't have it either. If I order from NY, I won't have to contend with sales tax either(a small fortune on something like this). Besides. I WANT something from the REAL Prada store!! :drool:
  6. I canNOT believe it!!! He had to call 911 when I told him the price, but DH said to ORDER THE BAG!! :yahoo: :wtf: :nuts:

    I got so antsy that went ahead and called the Broadway Prada store and spoke to Nancy. They do have the brown and she's overnighting it to me. She's emailing me pics shortly so I'll be posting them and the ones IRL.

    I can't believe this!! You have NO idea how special it is for me to get something this obscenely insane! :crybaby:

    However, the sensible part of my brain is secretly hoping I don't like it.
  7. Be careful..There is a GINORMOUS ONE too...Make sure she sends the right one!!!!
    I would of talked to Sada directly..as she has the pic I sent her....LMK what happens!

    PS-......I just got my Gucci Britt today ..LOL..LOVE IT.....
  8. No, she knew the big one wasn't what I wanted. Unfortunately the pic she sent of what she THOUGHT I wanted is this one, and obviously it's not the same bag. Also, there are none in the store as was said on another thread. HOWEVER, the good news (?) is they are getting a new and very limited order in so I got my name on the reserve list. They should have them by the end of the month. Arrgh! Patience is NOT my virtue. :cursing:

    Hey, if anyone else wants it, I was #5 on a 20 bag list, so if you even THINK you want the first one I posted in this thread, call the Broadway store ASAP.

    I'm so bummed! I really wanted that in my hands tomorrow. :crybaby:

    I guess the one advantage to getting one fresh from Italy is (hopefully) it won't ever see the sales floor and I'll get one that's not been pawed all over by we crazed Prada junkies. :shrugs:
  9. Congrats Prada Psycho! That bag is beautiful! :love: I'm sorry about the long wait. Right now i'm waiting for them to get the cervo antic satchel in. Hopefully it won't be more than another week!
  10. Thanks Audrey! Isn't waiting AWFUL!! Is yours coming into the Broadway store too? I checked back with my SA about the "not going on the sales floor" thing. She said what I thought: it basically comes to me straight from Prada in Italy, with a small detour through New York. I assume the same will be true of yours? Can you IMAGINE how nummy the leather will smell, being fresh from the Prada shop???!! :nuts:

    Anyway, THAT alone makes it worth the wait: knowing NO ONE but moi has had their mitts on it but ME!! :yahoo:
  11. ^ Yes the wait is terrible! I feel like I've been waiting longer than I actually have been. :Push: Mine is coming from the Broadway store as well! :yes: I should call and check to make sure the bag won't go on display. You're completely right about the leather, I bet it's going to smell and feel so beautiful! :love: