Hey Jane (and others) I think you'll like this.....

  1. Isn't it adorable?????

    $350 in eluxury...snap it up guys!!!
  2. So cute! But I would need to be convinced as to why I need two agendas :smile:
  3. Yea, the koala closure is cute..! But the koala monogram agenda with pink interior is cute too..! :love:
  4. Which agenda are you having at the moment? :P
  5. Ha!

    I have the koala monogram one with the pink lining, it's so adorable. And if it came in the medium size, I would buy it all over again...

    LV seems to only pair Damier with that cherry red.
  6. very cute!
  7. Oooh, that's a cute and sweet one..! :love: I'm loving that too... :P

    I personally think you don't need the damier one as it's really kinda similar. Yea, if you do need another one, get a different size..! :yes:

    Hey, is the pink lining in e-luxury accurate and it appers the same tone IRL or more pinkish?
  8. I think that it is more pink IRL. It's a gorgeous shade of pale pink. I also have the matching pen, which is delicious.

    I am so in love with the koala closure on this agenda I don't think I will get a medium one until they start making it with this hardware instead of the snap. I thought about special ordering it, might be worth it to me!
  9. Sounds so pretty..! :love: And the matching pen is gorgeous too... :yes: But does it worth the price? :shrugs: I never bought a pen from LV before and not sure of its the quality... :shame:

    Is this size too small that you have to get a medium size? :shrugs:
  10. I like the size, don't get me wrong. But I think the small size works better for me as a little notebook, almost like a moleskin book. The medium would be used more as a calendar. I don't know, I'd figure it out :smile:

    The pen was pricey, but it's gorgeous, and for its size, feels very solid and heavy in my hand (in a good way). That said, it's def. my most "frivolous" LV purchase!
  11. Well, I guess a "frivolous" purchase every now and then is fairly acceptable..! :graucho: Moreover, with such perfect matching pen, it would be really hard to resist, it just seems more complete, I guess... :love:
  12. Oh, the damier is sooo nice!
  13. :wtf:

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