Hey! It's Spa Week!!!

  1. Just found out that it's spa week (who knew??), which means that from April 16 - 22, participating spas in select cities offer certain treatments for $50 rather than the usual $100 plus. So if your back or shoulders hurt from carrying around the kitchen sink in a fabulous, but HEAVY bag, (as mine frequently do), you might want to check this site out. Alas, Pittsburgh doesn't participate and I'm bummed, but there are many cities that do and I thought someone should be able to reap the benefits. You have to mention the spa week promotion when you call to get an appointment and it can only be for a treatment that's advertised in the promo, but it seems like a good deal. Hope someone finds this helpful.

    go to www.spaweek.org for cities and details.
  2. Well I just signed up... and it doesn't look like *any* spas in my area are offering any discounts. Sheesh. They probably think ppl in L.A. will pay the big bucks regardless so why discount. :push:
  3. Sorry karen66..

    didn't mean to leave a negative reply there... but I was just disappointed. Thanks for posting though! :yes:
  4. looking for participating spas in LA? theres plenty! go to spaweek.com to look!. I just went to Spahaven in LA and got a GREAT facial for 50!
  5. shihfan...

    Hi! Thanks for writing... I did look... but when I typed in zip codes it said "0" results...

    Can you maybe send me the link of spas participating in LA? Thanks in advance!
  6. http://www.spaweek.org/
    click on the "los angeles" when choosing location. But i cant send u exact link bc i think u have to sign up to see the list...but its really quick sign up.
  7. Thanks Shihfan...

    got it now! I had already signed up and all, and I was using the "seach" tool instead of the drop-down menu... so now I see 'em.

    Did you have to ask for the discount, or did they offer over the phone when you made an appt?
  8. i definitely brought up the spaweek promotion and asked for specific treatment ( u can see only certain tx are offerred at the fifty dollar rate....)
  9. When you call to make the appt tell them you are interested in the spa week promo.
    THis weekend a Friend and i are getting a massage/ facial.
  10. thanks for posting! im gettin my first massags this weekend!:wlae: :p
  11. thanks for the great post!
  12. sucks I completely missed this
  13. shoot. me too!