Hey it's june..... Time to swoon (over our new bags!!!)

  1. So so so pretty! :love: The leather looks gorgeous and the blue zipper track
    p-o-p-s to add that perfect amount coolness .... Congrats!

    Get out! :cursing: I'm sorry, that blows.. I've been dying to know which color you chose. I hope it redirects fast and you have her before you know it...

    Yay!! Can't wait to see....
  2. Love! I have a black ink mac with gunmetal that I still love. It's a great combo!
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    thanks for feeling my pain! my super awesome and sweet seller wrote the address correctly but the usps people got the zip code wrong when they put it in the computer :pullhair::pullhair::censor: so hence.... to kansas poor cupid went! this wait is making me really antsy and actually even more excited to get her!! :woot:
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    still waiting on my cupid after the little mishap (boo on u usps!! :lecture:) BUT i feel SO GIDDY bc......

    TURKISH STRIPE w/ OSTRICH TRIM CHERISH TOTE ARRIVED TODAY!!!!!!! :yahoo::woot::wlae: whoo hoo!! I LOVE IT!!! finally ventured into "tote territory" and it's just perfect!!!!!! i posted tons of pics on my thread page 21!!! WOOT!!!
  5. I LOVE this cee!!! Where O where did you find it??? :graucho:
  6. scoobie - i got this one off the bay NWOT, but i know Saks and revolve both have them in stock and on sale ($276 at Saks and $222 on revolve). it's super duper cute, but i still can't believe retail on this baby was $395 and it completely sold out on rm.com and bloomie's when it first came out!!!!! :faint: i'm thinkin bc of the amount of ostrich embossed leather that's on the bag, but still!! Saks also has the MAC version on sale as well and the BF version was listed on the first day of the OSS but sold out within hours :smile:

  7. cobalt!!!!! :biggrin: and she's out for delivery as of this morning whoo hoo!!!
  8. SHE'S HERE!!! SHE'S HERE!!!!!!!

    COBALT CUPID W/ SILVER HW AND BLUE/BLACK PD LINING!!! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:

  9. Omg the leather on this is gorgeous!
  10. Thanks, Tara! You know, people would probably find me strange...but, one time, I actually was wondering how I could make that blue zipper track black. Lol! I'm going to run for cover now! Some people may end up throwing things at me. Lol. It was just that one time! :biggrin:
  11. I remember that! I loved that one and was one of the reasons why I even thought about getting a Mini MAC! :biggrin: I knew one day I was going to have a black with gunmetal because of your one. :biggrin:
  12. She's...wow!!!! Okay, heading to your thread in just a bit. :biggrin:
  13. Thanks, rx! It's REALLY nice and soft. Just weird though - I don't smell the leather on it? I love the smell of leather and I just really don't smell it on any RM bag (the Noir has this nice smell, but not "leather" smell) I have, including the BBW SO I just got. It might be that the smell faded already, but my LV Nomade Lockit and Empreinte Wallet I got last year still has that nice, thick leather scent. I don't get it.
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    Really? I only have the small leather RM items (mini mac, bf) and the smell is heavenly. I got mine brandnew though and theyre mostly in their dustbags. Also, the smell isnt as consistent like say Bal leathers, ie my mini macs smell more "leathery" than the bf . :thinking:
  15. The three RMs I got brand new - Raspberry MAM, SO BBW MAM and the Fuchsia Snake Mini MAC - all had the "chemical" plastic-leather smell. Probably because of the treatment on them - the slight glaze or the embossed leather thing. I swear, only the Noir Nikki and MAM I got smelled good. Not the thick, rich leather smell, but it smelled like perfumed leather. Lol.

    You're right, the smell on the RMs aren't consistent. Too bad. If they smelled like real leather or like the Noir...sigh. That would be heaven and I'd be rolling around in them for sure. :biggrin: