HEY!!! Is Perle Discontinued???

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  1. Just read it on eBay and didn't know that, thought I'd ask the pro's. Thanks so much :crybaby: let's hope not!
  2. I think it will be eventually but I doubt it's discontinued already..after all, they just came out with the Perle flat pouch and Coeur.
  3. I know eventually it will, but so soon..? :sad: :shrugs:
  4. Vernis colours always seem seasonal, so in the future, it may be discontinued, but just don't know when.
  5. You're right. Thanks. whew. The eBay thing must've been jumping the gun,

    thanks a lot! You're right about the couer and pouch!;)
  6. eBay sellers always do that.
  7. I think it is discontinued I vaguely remember being told that. But I think there is still lots of stock left
  8. hmmm.... very interesting.... I guess I could call a boutique, but more fun asking ya'll.... besides, you might not even get the right answer from SA's as we all know...
  9. :yes:
  10. Hope I can still snag a perle item before they're all gone.
  11. that would seem odd since they just made the new pouch in the peral.
  12. Me too sista (another one)...
  13. yes, sadly it is discontinued. LV are trying to get rid of what stock they have left. My store only has a couple of vernis cles's left....after that...none, but there seems to be enough to go round.
  14. Yes it's discontinued...they are just selling what's left of their stock according to my SA. My store's already more or less sold out, there was only a pathetic piece of Brentwood left.
  15. then why did they make the new pouch in th pearl ?