Hey, is anyone else mad?

  1. I went on the website and saw last years patent leather apple key fob in red and in gold (not patent), and the embossed leather mini skinnies ($48 instead of $42). I'm mad because I went all over the place to find that gold apple key fob, finnally got it a Lord and Taylor, and now it's the same price! I'd at least feel better if it were more expensive. I paid full price and if I had waited I might have been able to get the PCE price! I just don't think they should have brought it back even though it was popular. It kinda takes away from it because it was rare and now you can just go and buy it. Does anyone else feel this way?
  2. it's weird that they re-released the patent leather especailly because they released the embossed apple too. ???
  3. The new one they are referring to as "patent leather" -- the one you linked to-- the only part that's patent leather is the leaf. The rest of it is embossed gold leather. So it's not the same as last year's.
  4. My gold apple keyfob that I got last year at Macy's looks exactly the same as the one on the Coach site. The gold part is embossed, not patent with one patent leaf and one metallic leaf. I don't care that they released it again though. That's the thing with Coach; they release a bag that someone pays full price for (or they wait for PCE and gamble that they can get it) and then it pops up at an outlet somewhere. It's irritating but I think I've come to accept it.
  5. As a person who never purchased the apple fob the first time around, I'm happy that they brought it back, but I can see both sides of the coin. My new mantra is that if I want it badly, buy it now, otherwise, wait and see - eventually, something similar, if not identical, gets released. Otherwise, I think I waste too much energy on hunting for the every-elusive bargain...
  6. I'm fine if it pops up in an outlet because that is a hit or miss and if I want it, then I just have to suck it up and buy it now. What I dislike is that they re-released (if that's a word LOL) it. Oh, and razorbackbell, in red, the apple is patent too, not just the leaf. Just like last time.
  7. Actually it is! Last year it was red patent and the gold matte, exact same apples. :tup:
  8. Sprinkles, do you know why they did that?
  9. ^^Wow, I didn't know that! I only saw the red patent ones. I bet they did it because they were so popular.

  10. Same here. I figure that if you want it bad enough its worth it to pay retail. I think I remember seeing the gold one sale at Macy's but I never got it. I may get a couple of the gold ones as gifts now that they're available again so I'm happy.
  11. I have no clue to be honest, maybe that found extra stock! Same thing with relaunching signature stripe! Some stores got in khaki/gold, khaki/vermillion, khaki/crimson etc again!
  12. I hear ya! Yeah, the re-released apples (did not have to buy via eBay after all!) . . . the sold-out skull charm (well, ok, now it's a keyfob) . . . the "sold-out" Lily in Atlantic. . . annoying to say the least!!!
  13. :wtf:
    I understand the lily they are probably returns just like the red patent coin purses were.
  14. OK, I just checked Coach.com and maybe they are doing inventory at JAX because I see quite a few charms/fobs that are back on the site after being "sold out". Not only are the apple keychains back, but so is the anchor (which I will be getting for my Delta Gamma buddy),the multi-star, and the old skull charm (which is actually being released as a keychain).

    I think Sprinkles is right - maybe someone found a stash of keychains in a closet at JAX. LOL

  15. Ha ha!!! Too funny!!!

    I just keep thinking, what in the heck?!?!?!?

    BTW Kansashalo, I love your awesome avatar!!! I always smile every time I see it!!! And I am not sure if those are Far Side Lady glasses or a Superhero's mask - I actually love to think of them as both!