hey im looking to get a beige inclusion pm bracelet...is it sold out???

  1. does anyone know if this is sold out or do you just have to call around to the stores??

  2. anyone??
  3. Yeah it's definitely sold out since it's a discontinued color. I had to get from a reseller a couple of weeks ago.
  4. yeah i just spoke to 1866-vuitton. so sad. do they make fakes of inclusion bracelets....id hate to go eBay shopping and spend $100 more on a fake
  5. ****if anyone sees one for sale can you please either post the link on here or pm it to me?? thanks so much. (for either the PM OR the GM)
  6. Don't worry, no fakes of these. Honestly it wouldn't really behoove the fakers to make these as they wouldn't bring in as much "income" as the bags. :rolleyes:

    Just keep checking eBay, I check eBay every day for the couple of pieces I'm missing. :yes:
  7. thanks. how much did you pay for yours from a reseller?? (just so i can prepare myself for the markup)
  8. You're welcome! Honestly I got it for what I think was a steal..$240 because I jumped on it right when I saw it. If it had been up for bid, I know it would have gone for over $300.
  9. the one i am looking at she wants $500.

    so i guess i should hold out and look then.
  10. Mine was the PM by the way, the GM will be higher. :yes:
    I still think $500 is over the edge for that one though. $350 or $400 I can see.
  11. okay thanks.

    yeah PM is my first choice. but that one i found just happened to be a GM. I do eventually want both though. i just love the color!
  12. No problem! And I know, the beige is so different and pretty!
  13. I saw a GM rose (first rose) a couple of week ago on ebay, the seller also had a yellow.
  14. yeah thanks, im constantly checking the bay these days. but alas. the only one the woman wants like $500 for it. (plus shipping)
  15. so i guess it doesnt matter anyways because someone just bought the only beige GM on ebay.