Hey...I was looking on ebay and

  1. somebody has stolen a bunch of photos. Let me get the links!
  2. I think you can turn them in if we find out who's pics they are.
  3. I know who the two I posted belong to, but she is not on here right now. How do I turn them in?
  4. Aren't those Amour's?
  5. Yes. I reported the two threads I saw, and pm'd her to let her know. Is there anything else I can do?
  6. I can't remember who has skigrl as their ebay name, but they took her pics too!
  7. You could probably give them the link to whoever's bag showcase they belong to when you write them. I believe they have a phone number you can call too.
  8. OMG, these scammer sellers are LOSERS!!!:mad: :rant: I've sent messages to the sellers to tell them they stole pictures and I also reported them to eBay. What :censor: scumbags!!!
  9. i think it is chloe231.
  10. Yes, that's correct.
  11. Thanks girls, I reported them...what a nightmare! and they love my photos! watermarked or not....grrrrrr :censor: :rant: I hate these losers, and worse is if someone actually buys one of those fake auctions and gets