Hey, I just rec'd MARINE MONEY WALLET and some NEW ADDICTIONS! See Pics~~~

  1. To all my TPF members:heart: :heart: ; I'm pleased to share my new addictions. I just rec'd my 07 marine money wallet today by aloha rag...i'm really excited over it. As for my 07 black coin purse, was rec'd few wks ago from diabro.net.....they are all my new collections. Besides these, i also have added quite a few items such as 04 turquoise weekender (used bag which i rec'd it few days ago, only managed to take pics today), 02 caramel flat brass (a used bag and rec'd a mth ago), still missing my another new collection which is the 05 magenta twiggy (rec'd last wk as well and my sis is currently using it), 07 grenat coin purse (rec'd two wks ago and my sis is currently using it), 06 white/ivory planet/boobie (bought it two wks ago), 05 sky blue day (used bag and bought it last wk), lastly is the 06 INK coin purse (which i won thru eBay yesterday and waiting for it to arrive in a wk's time) and all these will be joining my other current collection that is 05 black city and 04 seaform coin purse.
    Sorry for the above as i know is a bit lengthy....:p

    07 marine money wallet
    07 black coin purse
    07 marine money wallet & 07 black coin purse
    04 turquoise weekender & 04 turquoise coin purse (i tot the color shld be seaform after i rec'd the WE bag, i realised they are of the same season/colors, i think my coin purse shld be actually turquoise instead seaform i guess, wat u think???)
    KIF_1177.1(small).JPG KIF_1178.1(Small).JPG KIF_1180.1(small).JPG KIF_1182.1(small).JPG KIF_1192.1(small).JPG
  2. More pics, my current family collection but not complete (missing my 05 magenta twiggy, 05 black city, 07 grenat coin purse & 06 INK coin purse). Will try to take another pic once i have gather all my collections, sorry...hehehehhe:heart: :heart:

    04 turquoise WE, 05 sky blue day, 04 khaki flat clutch, 06 white/ivory planet/boobie, 04 turquoise coin purse, 07 black coin purse, 07 marine money wallet, 02 caramel flat brass first
  3. Gorgeous collection. Your two coin purses are super cute! Is your money wallet roomy? I have never seen one IRL. It has great leather.
  4. Thanks shasta! the money wallet is very roomy as compared to my other LV wallets....i love the card compartments and some sides where u can placed ur cash, another compartment for coins and one small compartment at the front....i'm so glad to own this...hehehehe
  5. nice collection! the weekender and the coin purse are really lovely, especially together. i would love to find a turquoise coin purse myself. i don't really know, but they don't look greenish enough to be seafoam to me
  6. gorgeous collection especially the caramel fbf!! ahhh! i love the little coin purses too. :smile:
  7. Love your money wallet!!! I had the Compagnon and it was way too big...this one looks just right! Awesome collection....especially love the blue Day!!! :nuts:
  8. Nice Collection
  9. Great additions to your collection. I can't wait to see your magenta Twiggy........you lucky girl!
  10. Thanks everyone!!!

    evilarchitect : Yah, that's true, i think it's more turquoise than greenish esp i keep wondering the coin purse is seaform...ahahahhaha.....i hope u can find one too even though is rare but i believe it will pop up
    anytime, jus a matter of time...hehehehe

    debsmith: I was actually comparing btw compagnon and money wallet, after seeing some of the TPF members got the money wallet and saw the inside compartments, i decided to order the money wallet instead as i prefer the size which is jus right for me...:smile:
  11. Thanks cracker!! Will try to pick up the rest of the missing collections (not shown in this pic) and post it here to share with all TPF here......:smile:
  12. I have the '04 Turquoise Weekender too; congratulations!!! The Turquoise has the Brass hardware whereas the Seafoam has the Silver hardware; that's how you know which is which. Here's a pic of my Turquoise Weekender:

  13. Thanks ceejay!!!....so we are twins now since we are having the same bags....hehehehe
  14. Celia, love your collection! The turquoise weekender is my favorite. I thought you accidentally mistyped addictions and meant additions, but now I see you really meant addictions! That's funny. Enjoy!
  15. hahaha.....lizz, actually u are rite, it shld be additions, i have typed too fast and never check the spelling but frankly speaking, i'm really addicted to bbags nowadays and imagine how i expand my collections.....thanks for that, i really love my weekender too!!