Hey, I didnot know about purple vernis

  1. This is an old color :smile:...but I don't have it. I just started with vernis. :shame:
  2. it's an old color.
    And i dont have it.
    love's it!
  3. Yes, discontinued colour, and it's very rare on eBay.
  4. I say lift the purse ban and get it!!! It's so pretty!
  5. I agree:yes:
  6. I love this color..I wish they would do something similar...like a lavender. It'd be gorgeous!
  7. :drool: Get it! Great price:yes:
  8. This was the very first color when the Vernis was first released.
  9. Really? I knew there was a purple but I did not know it was the first one. But considering its age, the condition of the bag does not look bad in the pics. I didn't even notice the scuff mark until the seller pointed it out.
  10. ITA:yes: you don't know how long it will take before the next one with the same price and quality pops up :smile:
  11. ^^I forgot the year, but think it was around 1998/99 just under a decade.
  12. you should totally get it!!!

    i wonder if that's what the new color amarante will look like..but more deeper.
  13. get it get it!! I almost got the matching ludlow, but someone else got it first. it was released fall 1999, and was just a seasonal color.
  14. Oh, this is not common, do get it.