Hey Hey Hey!!!

  1. I just called the Coach customer service about the XL Heritage satchel AND they have ONEEEEE left in pink!!! Thank goodness I don't like pink. Someone scoop it up!!!
  2. Are you sure it was pink? Several of us have repeatedly asked if that bag was coming out in pink and they said no.
  3. Yes! When I called and heard about pink I was like like pink?!?! And she said ya pink. Then I asked are you sure it doesn't say geranium? lol and she was like uh no pink!!!! lol So yes it is pink...
  4. cool, I will have to call and see tomorrow morning!!!
  5. I thought they only had the tote in pink.??
  6. Yeah I never knew they made that in pink. :wtf:
  7. Thank you thank you thank you Just ordered it in Pink, I know I will love it thanks!!!
  8. Your welcome! I actually have a confession....I bought the pink one too! I figured if I don't like it I can always return or exchange it but I don't want to lose out either. I am so excited!!!
  9. I can't wait to see it!!! You guys are so lucky!!! Congrats!!!
  10. the satchel??? Wow that's awesome!! Please post pics when you get it!!:tup:
  11. Ooh! I would love to see pics of the pink version when it comes out.

    Sigh...I wish they'd do this satchel style in leather...
  12. And I asked about the khaki/berry Carly and there are none. lol wishful thinking!
  13. You are a BAD girl!!!!:lol:
  14. Cant wait to see pics of the pink!
  15. what??? I asked about a million times, will this come in pink? I always got the same answer. NO!
    What is going on with the SA's at Coach, are they not looking things up right?