hey! help for a chloé bay bag...

  1. hey ladies... have an important question: have found on a website of italian bags a chloé bay bag in blue with shoulder strap. I know that it exists a chloé bay bag with shoulder strap in brown color (checked on chloé web site)... But i don't know if there's also a blue one!
    Anyone can help me, please??? thanks a lot!! :heart:
  2. Thanks a lot! you're great! It's exactly the one I was looking for :cutesy: And it seams exists also a royal blue one with shoulder strap, that's good... Hope to find it somewhere now...
  3. ladies I know I'm boring but.. choose a chloé bag, My FIRST one is so important: the ava, the edith or the bay shoulder strap?? help me please!!
  4. They are all great, right now I'm loving the leather on the Ava, next would be Edith. The
    Edith is probably the most well known, when I walk into a store carrying it, I get comments like "that's a Chloe isn't it, however, I get tons of compliments on Ava too, it is just not as 'Chloe' recognized as the Edith. My personal preference and it could change (been known to do that before), but I really don't care for the Bay.
  5. right, then an Ava.. Which color? tan or moka? The moka one is quite pretty, isn't it?
  6. I have the moka Ava and the color is beautiful and the leather is amazing!
  7. then the moka... But is the blue bay shoulder bag an IT bag also for winter?
  8. I saw a navy blue one. Very beautiful color.
  9. i love it so much... I've just to decide if buy also a chloé ava moka or tan... gettin' mad :sos: