hey guys! Read me!

  1. Hey yall! TANKS SO MUCH for posting codes and deals, it's fantastic!:yahoo:

    Just one thing though. . . there's SO many duplicates.
    This morning 3 different people posted codes to Shopbop, all within 20 minutes of each other, which means all the posts were still towards the top of the page when the next one was posted.
    It only takes a moment to scan down the threads and make sure it hasn't already been posted.
    It makes a big difference in how easy this Forum is to read, so please check :yes:
    Thanks a bunch!:tup:
  2. ALSO....To those of u posting in GUCCI,PRADA...etc.....THERE r threads in there to go look at sale thread in DEALS.We have a SALES ONLY thread in those forums.I have had to close a GAZILLION duplicate threads in there that u also posted in DEALS AND STEALS.PLEASE NO DUPLICATE THREADS......THANKS A BUNCH!
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  4. ^DOUBLE bump...LOL!
  5. bumpity bump!
  6. LMAO! Did I really say "Tanks"!?!?
    Can you tell I hang out w/ 2 2.5 yr olds all day!

    Tanks! ;)
  7. Sorry guys, that was me. I checked before I did my post, got distracted mid-post and by the time I posted the others were up :shame:
  8. Read and understood:smile:
  9. no probs Cal, by the end of the day, AFTER I wrote this there were still 2 more! :shocked:
  10. I guess it's good that everyone's so eager to share. Now, if we can only slow down and read first.:roflmfao:
  11. Amen bump
  12. This was bumpin' funny!