Hey guys quick question about Vail Blanket bags.

  1. Hey guys I was wondering are these bags selling? how limited are they? I didnt really notice them when they came out and I saw the red in the store today when I was picking up something with my dad and IT'S STUNNING! But we were in a rush and I didnt aget ot see the blue/grey one I wanted. Do you think they grey one's are available still? and If not in toronto anywhere, perhaps somwehere else so I can have it shipped to the NY store when I go there next month? And the Ouvea's are gone now from every store in North America right?
  2. I don't think that well....they were suppose to be super limited, but I know Valley Fair had one of each color on display for the longest time, I didn't look when I was there today...I was in and out quickly, but I bet you could get one transfered in, no problem.
  3. Ok thanks for taking the time too answer Twinkle!!!! Now does anyone know about ouvea? or will I have to resort to waiting on ebay (I HATE bans, except mine wasn;t self-imposed it was forced, by the parents, they only made an exception for my groomies!) to find one? I hope I can get a vail in blue and grey next month when I can buy again!!!!!!
  4. anyone know? thanks!