Hey guys....new to this forum and just wondering you're make up routine!

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  1. Hi there,

    first time in this forum so not sure if this question has been covered but.......

    Why do celebs aways look so flawless? they're make-up is outstanding! I was just wondering what everyone make up routine is...for example...concealer then foundation, then powder...etc.etc.etc...and wondering what the celeb make up artists use on these flawlessly beautiful people!!!
  2. Most of mine can be found here
  3. Biggest secret is Photoshop :P

    One "secret" is less is more. Don't use too much makeup foundation. If you can still see redness or spots after a thin layer of foundation you need to use a concealer or neutralizers, green to get rid of the redness and so on. I always use concealer after foundation, it's easier to see if you even need it. Loose powder on top of everything. I prefer to use light reflecting ones instead of matte finishes.

    On my own skin I like to use mineral foundations. Lily Lolo is my favorite. I have quite a lot of redness on my face and that covers it better than anything else and still leaves my skin looking radiant and natural. Another big plus is that you can hardly feel the makeup. With regular foundation and concealers you can feel the layer on your face, with the minerals you can't. If you haven't tried mineral makeup yet you really should give it a try :tup:

    And always wear some blush!