Hey guys, I'm so curious of coach lovers in Texas


where in texas ?

  1. north texas

  2. east texas

  3. south texas

  4. west texas

  5. central texas

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  1. I hope you coach lovers in Texas will participate !

    I would call all of you Texans but some of you might be living in Texas temporarily.

    I would like to take a poll of how many Texas coach lovers we have & where is the best place to shop for coach in your Texas area?

    I have family all through Texas & I need the 411 of where to shop for coach when I travel to visit them.

    so, please list your town or closest city.

    If my poll is not perfect,please forgive me. :smile:

    Your Fan,
    Cha Cha
  2. I'm in central texas near austin. I like barton creek mall for coach store & san marcos for outlet.
  3. Hi Cha Cha! I'm in Houston (I voted east, but I'm more south-east). For a local store I love the Galleria in Houston (they carry the Legacy line). That store is HUGE! Love it. :yes: For an outlet, definitely San Marcos. It's the BEST!! :yahoo:

  4. yippy !

    my cousin just moved to houston & landed a job at NASA.

    thanks so much for the info & i will enter it in my pda !
  5. I was born in Texas- Galveston Houston area. My sister still lives down there.
  6. I live in the Dallas area, just north of Dallas. The one I go to is the Willowbend Mall location, in Plano (just north of Dallas). There is one at the Galleria Dallas, that I'm sure us pretty nice. I've never been there before though. You have to check out the outlets in San Marcos if you get a chance. I have not been able to yet!
  7. i was born in houston, too!
  8. You both have to go to the San Marcos outlet!!! OMG it should be renamed: Coach World. :drool: :drool: :drool:

    :girlsigh: :tender:

  9. Well it was actually Texas City.

    I've lived in:
    Santa Fe
    Houston and Galveston
  10. I'm just north of Dallas and I mostly shop the NorthPark Coach store. It's a Flagship store. I occassionally go to Willow Bend, too, and there's also the Galleria and Stonebriar. Lots of options :yes:
  11. yeah seriously, there are like 4 coach stores within 40 minutes of me. I have not been to the North Park one, I've been to that mall a ton though. I'll have to stop by though. Are the SAs there nice? I like the WIllow Bend one's because they are really sweet and helpful. I don't want snobby SAs!

    and yes i can't wait to go to San Marcos! aaaah it's driving me crazy!
  12. I live about 2 hrs SE of the Big D. The Galleria store is my favorite! San Marcos is the only outlet i've ever been to. I think it is great but i have nothing to compare it to.
  13. i was born in humble (which i hear has REALLY changed since we lived there, oh, 20 years ago!). my oldest brother is out in kingwood now (i think that's what it's called). my uncle had a house in galveston- i remember MANY fun summers out there!
  14. I live in the mid-cities area but my favorite Coach store would have to be the Southlake location ( since it is the closest to me) and also the flagship store in Northpark mall. I also highly recommend the Coach outlet in San Marcos.

    If you are in the dallas area there are tons of Coach stores.
  15. I'm closer to Fort Worth and love the Southlake one, Southlake town square itself is so nice!

    Dallas/Ft Worth in general is the most concentrated shopping area, there are more shopping malls per capita than any other city in the country. We have 12 major malls in this area! And there are at least 7 Coach boutiques that I can think of off the top of my head, plus department stores

    Only downfall is the nearest outlet is 2.5 hours away just north of Austin in Round Rock