Hey guys I´m back!!! and with a bad new...

  1. Hello there y´all:

    maybe you noticed or not but I stopped visiting the forum so I didn´t pasted or replied anything. it´s been a very hard time for me and my family, well most for my dad because he´s the only one who works in my family, (well I do know butit´s not a real work hehe) I mean my dad was the one who gave my mom, sister and me money for spend in close to whatever. He bought me all the LV´s I have but my wapity :smile:

    well I continue... I say it´s been a hard time for us because my dad´s job has been very very tough and we´ve been though some problems because of money, well not problems with us, I mean he owns money to the banck because of some credit cards and he´s still paying the car that somebody stole, if some of you remember some time ago I told you about that :sad:

    so not so much money for me to spend, no more shopping sprees, no more Louis Vuitton. I think really upsets me because I´m still loving this stuff... I was really used to buy this things, expensive clothing and things like that, I still buying that kind of clothing but not so usual because first my mom doesn´t want me to spend money that we don´t have and she insist I need to agree with the situation we´re at or whatever

    That´s why I stopped visiting the forum, because I was feeling a little sad when I saw somebody got something new and I was feeling like "oh what am I doing here if now I´m poor?" besides I was a little jealous, well I think all we are when somebody shows off sth new, if not, then I´m wrong hehe :push:

    I thought it was like a year I stopped posting here but it´s been since november, so it´s not too long as I thought. Another reason was that I felt like I was giving up my desire of buying more bags, but it wasn´t right, I just felt that I should stop liking them because I couldn´t afford them, sad but true...

    So, I was poor and sad, but I NEVER STOP carrying my bags or goods, I don´t have a ton but I love them and I love to carry them. I thought nothing worse could happen but it went even. One day I was coming back from my school and two thieves came to me and they took away my cell phone and my Monogram Glacé Wallet. I was very very mad because I hadn´t money and now this fu$&$"%ng idiots took away my wallet, I was very very mad because it was an special edition so i won´t be able to get another one. When I said that to my mom, she couldn´t stop laughing... but it´s true!!! you as LV lovers will understand me. If i wanted to give up my wallet I would sell it in order to get some money, but now I have no money or wallet.

    Now thanks God things are getting better at home and at my dad´s job. Anyway I started to work and I saved some money. but the bad thing is that now that I know I can buy sth LV, I want to buy something!!!! I think its an autmatic addiction ha. I´ve been looking around for a Danube Mini lin since it came out, before all this "story" happened. What do you think, should I get it or not?????

    Well thanks for reading, I´m so happy to be back, it feels great!:yahoo:
  2. We don't say mean things here!!!
  3. Wow~ ***hugs*** ~ that's all I can offer- but my opinion on the bag is probably a no if you and your family still aren't on a stable income?

    but if you are- and you know money will come in-- then I'd say go for it and post lots of pics when you do get it!

    *****hugs again******!!!
  4. thanks! I guess I will still thinking about the bag... maybe I´ll buy it after getting a new cell phone, I really need one, hehe
  5. Welcome back
  6. Wish you and your family all the best.:heart: Get the cell phone first....
  7. welcome back! step back and think for a moment...are you in the situation where you can readily get a bag and not affect the financial situation that you have at home? [​IMG]

    i'd get the cell phone first! when you're in danger, you can always call someone for help!

    meanwhile, take care of yourself, ya? [​IMG]

    if not..my friend has just bought the mini lin danube. it looks nice on her, but not me!
  8. I am sorry.
  9. Welcome back, Hiram1389!

    There's always LV, but I would get a cell phone first.
  10. I am a little confused about this thread....:confused1:

    Welcome back....I guess!

  11. I don't understand this response...:confused1:
  12. Wow. That was a long read. All I can say is welcome back and I hope things start to look up for you and your family. Don't worry about what you have and what you don't have now - you will have time in your life for more one day. I too would get the cell phone first.
  13. im glad you're back here now, and in a beter situation, and it looks like someone here didnt read the rules. AT ALL.
  14. Hope things improve for you & your family soon!
  15. Hey little miss **nine posts**, maybe you better read the rules of this forum before you just start flaming people.