Hey guys I need your help with finding a chanel bag!

  1. Hi guys my mom mentioned a LV speedy-like bag she saw in a magazine that she like but saw back in august, she said it had black leather trims and it was canvas in a speedy-ish shape with people? or characters? on it and had alot of red on the canvas part. Anyone have a clue what I am talking about or am I nuts?! I'd love to get it for her for christmas!!! Thanks in advance!
  2. This doesn't sound like a Chanel bag. Sorry.
  3. that sounds more like an LV bag?
  4. Nope it was definitely a chanel, she says she saw it and clearly said chanel, perhaps a magazine typo?
  5. OH! i know what you're talking about now! my mom has that bag! it's in red caviar with a train COCO CHANEL print on the waterproof canvas right? it's a boston e/w speedy shaped bag ? it's from Cruise '07 if i am not wrong.
  6. YESSSS!!!! THAT SOUNDS RIGHT!!!!!! My mom said it was cruise! Would this be in stores still?! any picstures?! Thank you sooooo much!
  7. Bloomie in SCP had that speedy bag a while ago. Just yesterday I saw only big size tote in that canvas. Check with them. They might find one for you.
  8. Ok thank you! And what is the actual name of the line? and where would I find pictures?!
  9. Oops! Sorry double post!
  10. I don't know the name of this line but this is the only canvas line they have. You can just ask for canvas leather with red CC logo all over. Chanel boutique SCP also had this line a while ago. The tote in big size is about 1300. I didn't check speedy's price.
  11. I think this is the bag you are looking for. A36178Y04645, 1,395 USD, Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza, CA.

  12. What is SCP?
  13. South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California.
  14. [​IMG]
    This might be the bag. It is called a "Sac Camera" bag from the "Grande Central" cruise collection, 2007. I first saw this bag in red (it came in a red and a black version) last spring while in Las Vegas. Later, (after I decided I really loved it...the quirkiness grew on me) my local SA found it for me after much scouring. I think I paid about $1150 for it. The large size tote was around the same price (maybe less?). Anyway, there is a black and white one for sale on e-bay right now...search "Chanel Train." I think it is a great collector’s item!
    I love, love, love mine!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  15. THIS IS IT!!!! But I think it was a different pattern, but now I know! THANK YOU!