Hey guys, I made an LV screensave for my mobile phone!

  1. I would like to share, please let me know what you think. You can even download and use it!


    *sorry for the typo in the title of thread, it's late where i'm from...

  2. that's really cool
  3. Hey, that's pretty neat! Good job!
  4. wow! how cute!
  5. how do ya download it??????????? tell me, ooo please tell me how to download it!
  6. :graucho: Coool:supacool:
  7. you can right click and save as... then load it into your mobile (cable or bluetooth)... and set as screensaver!!! if you want the theme, i can upload it!
  8. that's a really cool screensaver!
  9. i love denim... thanx for posting!
  10. Oooh! Very cool! Thanks for sharing!:heart:
  11. WOW, you're talented. Looks great!
  12. YES YES!!! i want it!!
  13. is there a way i ca nsave it to tmobile.com and then get it from there do dl??