hey guys... i know this might sound really mean?

  1. and selfish? perhaps. but idk. ok, well i was on myspace the other day. and this girl. she started talking about tokidoki..... and she said, oh imma be the first girl to get a tokidoki jacket. i cant wait. and

    im just like...... uhhhhh. wth? you're on my buddylist. how can you not see i love tokidoki? and you really think i dont already have one? or is waiting for one to come out? rawr! then she starts to be like... oh, i am obsessed with tokidoki.. i just dont like purses unlike other girls(she directed this towards me, fact)

    rawr. it just bugs me. when people take what i'm into, and say that they were the first person(cause everyone on my friendlist knows i liked tokidoki since ever). but, im not saying ppl who buy tokidoki is bad(then i'd hate all of you guys LOL!),

    did you guys even have this experience? where you showed someone tokidoki. and they totally... bought something from tokidoki, and said their the first to get it?

    i've posted a video blog on youtube about this! LOL! if you guys watch this, i think you'll understand what i'm saying more. LOL
    check it out, comment / subscribe! LOL! :heart:3
  2. <shrug> Maybe I'm just too old to be bothered by this sort of thing? :lol:

    To me it's not about who has the biggest collection, or who buys the most bags in a week, or who had what item first. Everyone's excited about their purchases and who's to say who has more of a right to be more excited than someone else?

    If she wants to say she was a fan before you, who cares? If that's the most important worry in your life...believe me, I WANT YOUR LIFE!! LOL I'm not trying to downplay something that is obviously bothering you...but step back and take a look at it in the grand scheme of what's really wrong in this world and I bet you'll feel better and be able to shrug it off more easily. :smile: Engaging in a petty battle over who had a shirt first will not be time well spent. Rise above, my dear...

    Just my two cents. It's probably the mother in me talking. :lol:


    EDIT to say I can't watch your video here at work so I'm not responding to that, since I don't know what it's about.
  3. I totally agree with what SB says, I personally wouldnt worry about it. It doesnt worth your time to get into this kind of thing. Since you said your other friends know that you like toki, isnt that girl is making herself looks bad in front of others? i dunno *shrugs*

    I think I'm too old to be bothered for this sort thing too lol

    btw, I love ur hairstyle
  4. LOL! Thanks guyss. i know that i shouldnt be too bothered. but theres just something about it. -.-
    but thanks! :biggrin:
  5. Well. If she is trying to get a rise out of you, is that even someone you want to even have listed as a "myspace friend"? Just remove all bad energy from your life. :yes:
    And + everything SB said. She's very wise.

    Aww, I can't watch videos at work either.
  6. I just roll my eyes and look away if someone is like that. Just don't listen to them. It's actually really stupid. Who the hell knows who had tokidoki first and why does it matter anyway? Eh, whatevs. But no, I haven't experienced it online..but idk..I would probably just read it and not respond because I wouldn't care.
  7. Doesn't sound like too good of a friend to me. I would try not to let her comments bother you, and I'm sure your mutual friends know the truth anyway. Shes probably jealous of your bag collection and won't admit it.
  8. Yeah, I have to agree with the others, that sort of stuff just doesn't even register with me anymore. It doesn't matter who had what first. Maybe I'm just getting old too.:shrugs:

    Just enjoy your collection and don't rise to other people's petty behavior.;)
  9. I'm happier if I see someone with a toki.. One of my friends got one and I was excited about it & tried to help her find it.

    I do think she sounds a little immature about the whole "I've got it first" thing.. but I wouldn't get mad at her for it.
  10. Don't let it get to you... Doesn't sound like someone worth knowing anyway. There is always the delete button in the friends area ;)
  11. thanks guy!:heart: i feel better.:heart: i'll just try n ignore her. not much of a friend huh? :tdown:
  12. lol I just watched your rant :biggrin: yah don't let her get to you!!
  13. xaznz, i know what you mean. i want to say that i've been in this type of situation before (toki or non-toki related) but i can't remember what it was about specifically. it's so immature tho, just ignore whatever she's talking about.
  14. i'm really into music, and every so often we have these fans called "elitists" who are into it for like 2 weeks and mouth off like they know everything or they are #1... i think its the same kinda thing (sorta) just ignore them and let the fact that you know they are stupid comfort you xD
  15. this girl is just sad. either she's daft or is intentionally trying to tick you off.

    it's probably not the best way to deal with it, but this is what i'd do: take a good photo of you in toki gear, upload it as a new icon in myspace, and send her a "cool! let me know how you like that tokidoki stuff, because i may be interested in getting some myself" message. hopefully she'll get the message. :smartass: