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  1. I've been bidding on this Gucci Bag.. and now i'm outbidded.. but I just want to make sure if this bag is fake or not... I notice the G's are upside down.. so im not sure :confused1:

  2. Mmm, may there's Gucci board here to help to authenticate? Just search it and ask Gucci expert here but I cross fingers for you :smile:
  3. FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay away :yucky:
  4. I have an online handbag website. It allows me stay home with the kids. Anywa,y I do not sell Gucci but because of the business, I get solicitations from reputable companies in Italy that market Gucci, Prada, etc. all the time. What you need to ask if you are concerned is a billing statement from where they bought the purse. of course they will not show you the prices paid but an invoice with the suppliers name says a lot.

    For example, everything I sell is directly from the company. I sell BCBG purses so if the purchaser is concerned about authenticity I can easily show the invoice but cover up the prices paid. You can also call the company and find out if they are an authorized vendor.
  5. ugly fake!:yucky:
  6. fake fake fakeeeeeeeeee....goood thing u were outbidded!!! an obvious way to tell, gucci does NOT use corny shiny tags that say gucci hahahaha NO WAY NO HOW!
  7. it soooo FAKE!!!!
  8. Im not a Gucci experct, but that just screams FAKE!!!!

    And I believe that no designer high end bag will put plastic on their leather handles!! Plastic is bad bad for leather!
  9. defo fake and a terrible one too
  10. You're right. Leather does NOT get wrapped in plastic! Only counterfeiters do that! You will see Coach with a thin white styrofoam wrapped around the buckles, and sometimes the handles, and I think some LV styles have something wrapped around the handles, but 99% of the time you see that plastic its a fake.
  11. Also, the Blondie bowler does not have horsebit straps... when buying anything on eBay, make sure you "know" the style or have seen it IRL.

    Someone please report this FAKE!
  12. Fake fake fake, please report it!
  13. all Gucci authenticity questions need to be asked in the Gucci Forum's Authenticate This! thread.
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