Hey Girls...Thanks ALOT!!!


Mar 6, 2006
OK, I started when my hubbie said he would buy me a 'good" handbag for my birthday. So I went out looking. Thought I liked the Chloe. Bought it and returned it. It wasn't a Paddy but equally as heavy. I DO like big bags though. So I was looking around the internet and came across this site. It's the worse thing I have done! First of all, I did not know there were so many designers and choices out there! In my sheltered world near a major city no less (Philly), I thought it would be a big deal to own a Coach or D&B (don't care for either). Now my choices are so many, I am litterally spending hours looking at site after site and reading post after post. I am becoming just a bit obsessed! I am still looking for that perfect bag with not much luck. I am screaming HELP!!!! At first I thought about plunking down the close to $2 grand on a chloe but now I'm thinking, maybe $500 or less so I can aford more and choose different colors. I am looking for something in the brown tones, a bigger bag (I'm tall and pull it off), super soft but not thin and delicate, and would prefer something that closes with a zipper so I won't lose anything.

Just what the heck am I looking for? I think I need a personal shopper to take the stress off of me. I mean really the first thing I think of in the morning is this website and oh ya...checking out what Bluefly has this morning. So to all you gals out there...Thanks ALOT!

Smiles:smile: ...Jacquee


Plisse Me!
Feb 4, 2006
Jacquee - Have you checked out the Kooba or the Bulga bags? Their prices are on the picture title. Both companies have very soft leather. I have both the Bulga satchel and a different version of the Kooba hobo. Kooba is amazingly soft and beautiful. Unfortunately, in the picture, they overstuff it so it doesn't look as flattering as it does in rl. I would have never bought mine had I not seen my friend's. I felt awful buying the same bag as her, but I still absolutely love it! All of these zip at the top.

Do you have a preference as to the style? That will also help narrow it down too.


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I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
you sound like a girl that needs an Isabella Fiore Audra to me. check adasa.com. i was looking for basically the same thing that you're describing and i LOVE mine - i use it constantly, even though i've gotten new bags since i bought it.


Feb 7, 2006
i particularly love this Michael Kors...

this is a Giorgio Armani plissè one...

a Luella Suzi...

a veeeery expensive but fantastic BV...

another beautiful, but cheaper BV...

i'm totally in love with this MJ brigitta...

another MJ, a hobo...

a dolce&gabbana hobo...

a Luella hobo...

and finally another MJ(Sienna)!


Nov 21, 2005
Don't forget about Burberry.