Hey Girls, please tell me what you think of this?

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  1. :nogood: The color is nice, but it looks like a huge blanket that you might keep on a couch. I would keep looking...esp for that price!
  2. If you have second thoughts, i would send it back. Sometimes it looks so good on the model because that's the purpose to attract buyers, but it is completely different when you get it.
  3. Second thoughts --> return IMHO
  4. Thats what I was thinking too.. Oh well. I did cancel the order but un-cancelled it :x So I guess I really do want it? I'm just waiting for it to arrive at my doorstep and judge it in real life and see how I feel about it. Thanks for your honest opinion though!
  5. Thanks :smile: Your answer really made me feel better. I just don't like how it looks so much in th 3rd picture. Her pose makes the poncho look frumpy. But I guess I'll wait till it arrives to know for sure.
  6. I think it looks ok but it's the material that bothers me. Personally I hate acrylic. It's scratchy and cheap feeling.
  7. I received one of these ponchos for Christmas one year. I only wore it once because it felt too much like wearing a massive blanket (for height reference, I'm 5'2"). Even with delicate cleaning, it pilled and left little fuzz balls over EVERYTHING. The blank tank top I wore under it was so linted up, the lint never came out in the wash and I had to toss it.

    I'd say return it, but that's just my opinion.
  8. Yes, I'm not a fan of ponchos, but besides that, I wouldn't buy it because it's acrylic.
  9. Oh? :o What's wrong with acrylic and how does it feel? I've never owned anything thats 100% acrylic but I have read online that some people say it feels like wool/cashmere? Do share your experiences, thanks! :smile:
  10. I like it!
  11. It's nice but you are having second thoughts for a reason.
  12. Acrylic fabric is prone to pilling.
  13. ditto - acrylic and I are not friends - fuzz ball mania after only several wears.