Hey girls, Im not sure whether to get the brown or black Tom Fords whitneys :(

  1. [​IMG]

    I am pale, brunette, dark eyes, blonde highlights...so many things to consider lol :smile:
    thanks girls :smile:
  2. Black! I think it's easier to match your wardrobe and it's a flattering color on everyone.
  3. I like the black ones better, it seems like they stand out more:okay:
  4. Which would you wear more? I prefer the brown ones, but black is more classic IMO.
  5. Black! I LOVE these sunglasses! Great choice!
  6. yes black seems to stand out more
  7. I'd choose black! But only because it matches most of my wardrobe. I think you should look into that first. Decide which colour will get more wear because of your clothing palette! They're not what I'd consider cheap, so I'd want to wear them every single day!
  8. black definitely!! they're timeless!
  9. ITA^^ I just got the Brown ones this past Sat.!! LOVE LOVE!! But that's because it matches most of my wardrobe. LOL!! I wear alot of browns and earth tones, beiges, cremes...and some light colors, a few prints....Also when it comes to black or brown. I always, always choose brown!! My trademark so to speak. :yes:

    So ya...decide which color will go with your wardrobe more. Or whichever color speaks to you more! LOL!! :p

    Good Luck on your decision!!:wlae:
  10. How about the dark grey...the lenses are more subtle than the black. The dark grey pretty much looks black anyways.
  11. Hmm, IMHO brown looks less severe on pale skin. I like black sunglasses too, but I think the brown may be a little softer.
  12. Black, i am also a very pale brunette and i love my sunglasses black, it will look great on you !