Hey girls, do ALL LVs have a serial number?

  1. I can't find one on my LV that I bought from eLuxury. I know it's impossible that they sold me a fake, but I also can't find the serial number!! Do some LVs just dont' have one?:huh:
  2. as far as i know all LV have serial numbers... i found a serial number in my cosmetics pochette thingy the other day... it was really tucked away!!!! I was told it didnt have a serial number....but i found one!!!

    BUT then again, i could be wrong.... hopefully, some other LV experts will help out!
  3. Yeah I don't know. I couldn't find the one on my Batignolles Horizontal. I'm still trying to look for it. *shrugs*
  4. It's actually called a date code, and all of the newer LVs do have one, but sometimes it's in a hidden place, tucked into seams, etc. Since you bought it from eluxury, don't worry if you can't find it :smile:
  5. it's on the inside of the zipped pocket.
  6. Lol wow. Ditz moment. I guess I didn't realize that because I never use that pocket! And in proving that point, I found $20 in there that I didn't know I had haha.
    Thanks! :lol:
  7. What bag did you get? It took me like 20 minutes finding the date code on the Shirley.
  8. yes, even my tiny "porte monnaie rond " has got 1 !!! I just found it was born in june 05.....sweet.
  9. I still can't find the date code on my damier papillon 30! Any owner out there can tell me?
  10. in the papillons, they're on the inside seam side where the zipper ends after being completely opened. it's hard to describe but it's there.

    date codes are almost all impossible to read and find. i can't read the one on my cellphone strap anymore. lol. if i squint and angle the light and the strap, i can see it was january 2004. haha.

    all pieces beyond like, early 1990's should have a datecode, especially if you bought it on eluxury. you just have to search far and wide for it. inside a flap or under a tag or by a seam or close to a zipper.
  11. I can't find one on my rift in mono nor on my denim baggy pm. Both were purchased from the LV store.
  12. ITs inside the inner pocket along the seam, just like the denim speedy,


  13. [​IMG]

    Hope this helps..

  14. Thanks bag fetish! You're awesome!
  15. Hi there, as I have written to somebody a while ago, LV does not have serial numbers only letters all over metal lid caps etc. with capital letters LV deep engraved on it. The metal is not tooflaring gold, a bit antik gold is the color.