Hey Girls!! Anyone going for one of these in the near futue??!!

  1. Im seriously considering either the carly or the tote. Not sure which yet. I cant believe Im even considering this purchase. I've never liked patchwork before but I'm really loving these!:yes::drool:

    How about you?

  2. I like it. I have a patchwork tote from the spring 07 collection and love it. I'm sad caz I can't where it now... :sad: I would probably get it in a tote style though.
  3. Here is the tote. Which do you guys like best?

  4. Oh I love that tote! It's gorgeous!
  5. i like the tote better.
  6. Ahhhh thanks. I'm sooo loving these bags. Think Im gonna ask the hubby for one. Our wedding anniv. is in Oct!! Now, which to pick?!
  7. Love the Carly MUCH better! =D
  8. I like the tote better. The patchwork is busy and I just like the simplicity of the tote more, to offset the busy-ness.
  9. I second mayas opinion. The patchwork w/ the carly and all that leather and gold on the sides is too much. the tote is simpler, which is perfect for the busy design. very cute!

    And I usually am so not a fan of the patchwork but that one is really cute!
  11. I vote for carly..
  12. I love the tote:tup:
  13. I love the Carly!!
  14. I vote for the tote.
  15. that patchwork is not my style, but out of the two I personally think it looks best on the carly. Let us know when you get one!!! :tup: