Hey gals!! Can you recommend your favourite moisturiser?

  1. I am in search for one since my skin has been dry and flakey recently (unlike it's usual self) My skin is quite sensitive and usually i break out when i first start using a product...it sucks. Lol, any price really Thanks!!
  2. I am hooked on Estee Lauders Day Wear Plus, I can't live without it!! Reasonable price at $38.
  3. Dior - HydraAction! I'm sure it's called that anyway, I swear by it!
  4. omgblonde...i thought u were going brunette? Personally, I loooove your blondeness, but you'd be a hot brunette too!!
  5. ~$50/each try http://www.remergentskin.com/

    Its considered medical grade. You have to understand that unless a product can penetrate to the dermis its 'topical'. Remergent has really great techonology to get the product into the skin via liposomes. They feature their products heavily on DNA repair- lots of things on the market- what you can buy at the department store are pretty much the same, and look to PREVENT, not repair.

    check it out.
  6. I second the Dior HydraAction recommendation. It's pretty much the only thing that I have used which worked on my really dry skin, but didn't make me break out.
  7. Your skin sounds very similar to mine. I've tried everything, but I keep going back to Cetaphil Cream. It works really well and the best part is that its CHEAP! :yahoo:

    For my eyes I use Chanel Rectifiance...
  8. thanks ladies :smile: *hugs*
  9. I also love Estee Lauders Day Wear Plus. Smells great and moisturizes all day. Gonna try the Dior HydraAction next.
  10. I have combination skin but there was a time when my face totally dried up and started flaking. The only thing that brought things back to normal was Chanel's hydramax gel (it's really great). I also tend to break out when I try new things but this didn't break me out at all.
    The other moisturizer which I thought was really great (but broke me out after a bit) is Keihl's Ultra Facial Cream. Really great for dry skin.
  11. I really like my Dr.Hauschka Day Moisturizer. It's light but hydrating and it gives me this dewy look. If your skin is really dry, try Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream. It's a bit heavier but worked on me soooo good to battle winter when I used to live in Chicago. I just like all Dr. Hauschka skin care line. It's all natural ingredients, smell good, and does the job!
  12. sounds like you'll need skin strenghten solutions from a beauty salon. if you are not a salon person, i would say go with lancome hydra zen.
  13. I've used Cetaphil lotion with success in the past -- it is great for sensitive skin. Also, if you're prone to breakouts, make sure the first ingredient in any moisturizer you use is Purified Water.
  14. Aww thankyou! I was just considering going brunette to 'save' my hair.. but I decided against it in the end:p
  15. Kinerase Ultimate moisturizer is for me truly the ultimate. My skin always feels so hydrated and soft, especially overnight to the extent that I only moisturize every other day. My skin before I used this product was very dry and flaky as well. I highly recommend it.