Hey Fashionista_Gal

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  1. You are so sweet, Ash! I will definitely keep my eye on this one! Thank you!! :flowers:
  2. Ash! You won't believe how dumb I am...I kept reminding myself all morning and at lunch that I needed to check ebay for this auction. Then of course, I got caught up at work and then sat down to work on my thesis and realized at about 5pm that I totally forgot to bid! And it went for $100, nobody else bid on it! :cursing: I need to set up my bid assistant next time. I really appreciate you looking out for this bag for me though!
  3. Awww :sad: That really stinks! I will definitely keep my eyes open for you though.
  4. I know! I can't believe nobody else bid! I was sure it was going to go up at the last minute so I wanted to wait! Next time, I think I will just bid early or set up my bid assistant if I know I can't be at the computer!

    Grad school is ruining my life! lol!
  5. I see the tobacco belted ergos at some outlets. Can you do a charge-send near where you live?
  6. I could, but wouldn't I have to pay full price?

    How much are they going for at the outlets now?
  7. My outlet had a belted ergo in black for $160 but I am guessing it would be around there. If you do a charge send you get charged the outlet price but if you have it shipped to your house then you get charged full price.
  8. Ugghh I hate it when that happens.. and it happens a lot to me too!! The ones I am around for shoot up at the very end, when I forget, the opposite happens!!! :mad:
  9. Probably less than $160 because I paid $160 for the XL size and I think you want something smaller? I didn't look at the prices of the other sizes.
  10. If I do a charge send, I would have to send it to another outlet, right?

    Since my nearest outlet is 2 hours away, I think ebay might still be my best bet!
  11. Yup, I agree! This is one reason I set up esnipe in advance!! Also, that way I don't tip my hand...or let myself sit there and keep bidding higher as I watch the price rise at the end!
  12. I did a charge send once for a bleecker capacity wristlet. They sent it right to my home! Problem is though, you have to go to that outlet that is 2 hrs. away to do the paperwork necessary to order the charge-send. You can't do that over the phone. Bummer.
  13. Wow... $100?! That person got an amazing deal - sorry you missed it! Hopefully you find one!