Hey Everyone! New from Texas...

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  1. Hi-
    I'm new.. I just introduced myself in the general area but my love is for Coach mainly, so I wanted to introduce myself here too! I am so happy I am not the only one who is obsessed LOL

    I have loved coach for a while but I finally bought my first in January 2007 (large Soho leather hobo 10032).

    I NEED MORE :nuts: I bought the signature stripe reversible tote in the brown last weekend but then I took it back the next day because I wasnt feelin' it. I discovered I don't really care for 2 straps.

    I look forward to discussing and obessing over Coach with y'all! :p

    Tara from Texas
  2. Welcome and "HOWDY" from Texas, too!! You're gonna LOVE it here! :heart: But, here's a warning...this sight is ADDICTING!!!!!!!!! :shame::biggrin:
  3. Welcome!! We'll do anything we can the help you with your obsession!!!!!!
  4. Hi Tara! Glad to have you here. I'm in Texas too! I'm sure this place will feed your Coach addiction quite nicely! LOL

  5. Another Texan here! Glad to see you on the board.
  6. Welcome to the coach forum! The gals are right, it is addicting!
  7. Another Texan here! Welcome!
  8. Welcome to tPF!! It's addictive (and so is Coach LOL)!
  9. Welcome!!
  10. Welcome to the purse forum!
  11. Welcome! You'll love it here! :p
  12. Welcome to tPF Tara! We will help you with your Coach obsession here, no problem. :smile:
  13. Welcome!
    Glad you found us.
  14. :happydance: :happydance: Welcome! Share the :heart: Love for Coach
  15. Hey girl! welcome. Yeah, we're all on the same boat here. we're just soakin it up with Coach. you'll love it here. all the gals here are great. have fun chatting about coach. there's so much to talk about!