Hey everyone! Mj thread question...

  1. OK... so I'm fairly new to this.

    When I look the the MJ forum thread, it hasn't been updated on my screen since Dec. 25 - even though I know there have been a ton of new threads since then?? (I've even posted at least one.) I can see a new thread in the main menu, if it has been replied to - however, if I click into the forum I see the same screen over and over again, with all of the same posts.

    Does this make sense to anyone??

    All of the other areas are working for me. (That I know of.) I have been in and out of, LV, Coach, Bbag, etc and no similiar problems???

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide!:yes:
  2. What you should try to do is to press Shift-F5 while browsing the MJ forum. That way, your browser will completely refresh that page, disregarding what it may have cached locally.
  3. Thank you! It is working now!!!:yes: