Hey everyone.... I'm new here....

  1. Ok, got that off my chest.

    I stumbled upon your site yesterday while researching a bag I bought online (Horsebit Hobo). Not only did I discover that I was harboring a fake :tdown:, but I learned neat things from you guys! :yahoo: Anyway, the seller is letting me return the item, as it was only received yesterday :tup:.

    I went to Gucci.com to look for another bag, and I found the one I want :wlae:, but I would rather purchase it from a department store or something, so that I can be sure, plus I have a few accounts with various stores, so can you tell me who sells them? I am on Neiman Marcus, but they don't have the one that I want! :crybaby:

    I want the Jolicoeur medium tote:

    'jolicoeur' medium tote with double straps, signature web, enameled charms, and inside zip pocket. 10.6"L x 5.5"W x 7.9"H.
    sand/ebony GG fabric with rosewood/gold/rosewood web, dark gold leather trim, and light gold hardware.
  2. Welcome! :wlae:

    Saks, BG and Neiman should all have the Jolicoeur tote, they might not have one in the store near you, but you can ask them to do a search and ship the bag there. But you should go to a boutique to try it out in person first, see if you like the size and color.

    I'm glad you can return the fake and get a refund. :smile:
  3. Glad to hear that you are getting your money back. Welcome to the forum :wlae: enjoy it here, you're going to be spending a lot of money from here on... :graucho:
  4. Yes, I am in Chicago, so I think I will take a trip over to the Mag Mile this weekend. :tup:
  5. I'm afraid you may be correct. :okay:

    I used to be a Coach gal, but there stuff has gone downhill in the past 7 years. :crybaby:
  6. Coach is getting more and more expensive w/ their limited edition bags. I'd rather pay that money for Gucci or LV :smile:

    We're bad influence, I guarantee you!
  7. hello coco!! Welcome to gucci... im fairly new also, but everyone here is so nice and sweet. you'll love it here, trust me, you'll become addicted before you know it.. hehe
  8. i'm new to gucci as well but welcome to the forum! yay :biggrin:!!

    happy shopping! hope you find what you're looking for.
  9. Welcome!!! Like others have said this place is very evil on your bank account.
  10. Welcome to the forum and welcome to Gucci!!! This is the start of a very uncontrollable handbag addiction. I'm new to the forum also and since i've joined, i've already purchased 3 handbags in 3 months!! :nuts: And to think that i used to only buy a high end handbag once a year!!! ARGH!!!

    It's gonna be fun though and very addicting. Hope you find the purse you're looking for!!! ENJOY!!!
  11. **sigh** You're my hero! :p
  12. Yea! another newbie...finding other minds to corrupt is so much fun...Just kidding but welcome, welcome, welcome. I am an ex- Coach girl myself and I understand about the increasing prices..I happened to see a catalog and the only bag I would buy was $750 and there is no way that I would pay that for a coach...Just stick with us my friend and in no time, you will be annoying all of your friends with your Gucci authenticating knowledge!!!
  13. I'm a bit late, but better late than never...

    Anyways, welcome! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here, and yes, coming here is the absolute worst thing you could do to your wallet! :p
  14. :drinks: CHEERS!!!! let the addiction begin.....
  15. Welcome! We are a very bad/good influence. I've bought 6 bags since I joined last year. (That is a lot of handbags for me!)