Hey Everybody

  1. Hey Everyone! First time posting, long time lurker. :shame: Just wondering if anyone here is selling a Black Original Print Bambinone or Bella Bella. I'm really interested in adding on to my collection. Thanks!!!
  2. They may have the original/black bella bella at the Waikele LeSportac outlet still? Might wanna give them a call, although they tend to be rude and in a rush on the phone.
  3. Hi, we can't sell in this forum :p
  4. I just called the Waikele outlet and they said they have the bella, bella bella, luna, and andiamo in orginal and black print left.
  5. this brings up a good question.... how DO you sell in this forum? I have tried to message the mods a couple times and got no response so i dont know why i cant access the selling/buying sections.
    what up with that?
  6. Apparently, I think you have to have a certain amount of posts and have been a member for a certain amount of time to be able to access the selling and buying page.
  7. Hi & welcome!
  8. Plus you have to have feedback selling on eBay (I think), and even then you have to apply and they don't have to accept you.
  9. yeah i figured that out... i applied twice and got no response at all. had no idea what was going on! thanks for the info though!
  10. 500 posts?? interesting criteria. oh well.
  11. thats new by the way... the 500 post thing.
  12. Not really, it's been in effect for like 4 months already eh?
  13. hooooo wow jessaka! I have been on here longer than you have and you almost outstrip me in posts!! congrats!! LOL
  14. oh gosh...i'm a post whore that's why hahaaha. On the other forum I'm on...not a purse one...but blogring - anyways, I think I have like around 15,400+ posts...but I've been on there for like 3 years hahaah. I've slowed down this past year though because of someone (ew *cough*) who took over..and the site like..BOMBED.