Hey EVERYBODY :O) Tell mE wHaT's ThE sMaRtesT thIng YoU'Ve dOnE!

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  1. Tell your FIL he has a masters in being an A-HOLE!
  2. Well... one recent thing I was quite pleased w/ was confronting my father's girlfriend at MY grandmother's funeral.

    I was polite & had a smile on my face the whole time but she immediately got up & left! Oh so sad.

    I also told the entire gathering (at the wake) that I had come to this for my nana & ONLY for her. That I wouldn't go to ANYTHING for my father.

    Mind you my father is a terribly manipulative, abusive man who has put my mother through physical, mental & emotional HELL. I left when I was young but did endure a fair amount of abuse at his hands. He now likes to tell people that my mother is insane (making the abuse allegations up) & tells people he is FRIENDLY w/ me! Last month was the FIRST time I had seen him in 3 years & we have NEVER even been on speaking terms!

    So, it felt good to let the entire crowd have a glimpse at what a COMPLETE creep he is! I would do it agin, BIGGER & BETTER if I could!
  3. I'm so happy this thread turned out so many great responses- and am happy that people can let it out- there is nothing more liberating than facing an unlucky or unforgiving situation head on- making decisions that change the course of your life is a big step that you do deserve recognition for- it's not everyday that we resolve issues that have tied us down for so long- to do it THE RIGHT WAY is nothing but "good stuff" in my books- right on ladies- right ON!:tup: