Hey EVERYBODY :O) Tell mE wHaT's ThE sMaRtesT thIng YoU'Ve dOnE!

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  1. Getting divorced!

    Now I'm trying to find the motivation and courage to go back to school and finish my degree!
  2. marry my husband and have a child

    continue my education, else wouldn't have met said husband. ;)

    quit smoking and being back to tea total - got health issues so this is really important

    living close to my belief again, as i got lost for a little while. I just sleep better now.
  3. College education!! Hands down.
  4. Awesome everybody-!!!

    Getting healthier has always been a goal of mine- and kudos to those who have taken the initiative to take on an addiction such as alcohol and cigarettes! It's hard- keep up the good work!!!!!

    I know a lot of younger tPFer's might think that they aren't old enough to believe that they've done something that was positive- but we make choices everyday that are small or sometimes cut-throat because we need a change.

    I agree with the poster who said that following parent's advice was a smart move- I agree 200%- I don't know why I ever doubted their wealth of knowledge and experience- being naive is a learning experience.

    ooohkay- turning into a Dr. Phil moment:
    My mom got her Masters in Ed at Harvard- my dad is regarded as a leader in the Inupiaq community- the best thing that ever happened to me was the gift of confidence my parents gave me. My dad told me that once I became confident as a child- nothing could stop me. The smartest thing I learned was listening to my parents advice too. Besides the fact that in our culture -respecting parents opinions/advice/guidance/knowledge is a baseline- it's taught me to always look forward...........

    ok- done with the Dr. Phil moment.

  5. WTF? Obviously this person didn't get the (#$#*($*( joke!
  6. Take a chance on love and stick through the hard times with my husband.
  7. saying yes when my husband proposed. no doubt about it, the smartest thing I have ever done:yes::heart:

    i was happy before i met him, but the happiness I have known since I met him is beyond what I could have believed.
  8. the smartest thing I did was leave my crappy town of Barstow and moved to the "big city".
    And I spent about 5 years working with special need kids, which in turn, has helped me be a better parent and help my children reach high academic goals. I wanted to break the "cycle" that I grew up in. Getting spanked, verbal abuse, being told I am not good enough. Now my kids will not grow up feeling the way I did because I was taught a different way of disciplining my kids! Positive reinforcement!! Now my kids are learning so much from the years I stayed home with them, entering kindergarten knowing how to add and read! So I am pretty proud of myself!
  9. Great ladies- still lovin this thread!!

    Monica- MANY KUDOS to you for breaking the cycle and taking full on responsibility!!!!! I LOVE THAT IN PEOPLE!!
  10. 1. Made an appt with a dermotologist after having a dream I had melanoma. Guess what. I did, and had successful treatment.
    2.Went straight from HS to college to grad school, no stopping
    3.Bought Oracle stock in 1991
  11. Go back to school for a totally different degree (graphics designer turned premed:blink:smile: the two dont even go together a little, but the work i have put in and my intensity in this field are unmatched and I apply to med school next year *fingers crossed* I couldnt be happier
  12. BTW reading everyone's posts is making me teary eyed
  13. 1) Gotta be getting married to my DH, had some tough times but 16 years and 4 kids later still together.

    2) Going back to education.

    3) making the decision to move back to the UK (2 weeks to go!)
  14. ahhh loopylorns, thats great that you are moving over here to the UK, its a really big move for you :smile:

    Where are you going to be based when you come over?
  15. Althought it was the most difficult thing to do at the time, the smartest thing I've done is to leave home and go to college, thousands of miles away, in a brand new country when I was 19. I would not have the life I have now, and all the great things I have if I hadn't done that.