Hey EVERYBODY :O) Tell mE wHaT's ThE sMaRtesT thIng YoU'Ve dOnE!

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  1. Well, folks, I am in tears now!

    Jesus is my number 1. Without that, there would be no husband, no son, no understanding of why my parents worried so much about me.

    Having my son FINALLY allowed me to see why we are here on this planet.

    It is quite simple.

    Just to LOVE. Love someone, anyone, just love someone and lot's of someone's! That can hurt SO bad sometimes (and I like to think it is because those that hurt us just haven't figured it out yet) but it is so worth it!
  2. So far the smartest thing that I have ever done was to refuse to accept a job where I thought ... no, wait ... where I KNEW I was going to be unhappy even though I will not have a job starting at the end of August and I am having a difficult time finding a job. But I still feel like what is left of my sanity will remain intact, so still a smart idea.
  3. Awesome everybody---- got me all choked up here in Alaska---

    Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your lives- it's good to slow down for a bit and *remember* how we are WHO we are.
  4. so proud of you for saying that! I wanted to but wimped out for fear that someone would accuse me of bringing up religion. thanks for being the brave one cause w/o Him I would have nothing as well!
  5. Finally going on a date with my now Fiancé after standing him up 3 times. Luckily he doesn't give me that hard of a time about it.
  6. literally smartest thing i've done was to study and do well at school.... LOL

    all the other decisions were bad decisions..... =(
  7. wow..I DiDnT knOW 28 YeAr OlDs TyPeD lIkE tHiS!!!

    sorry, its a pet peeve of mine :smile:
  8. I like this thread. Power to you, ladies! I haven't done anything smart and life-changing, but I guess I've been good and studied and not screwed anything up too bad. How bland, huh?
  9. that was kinda mean. just a pet peeve of mine. : )
  10. Smartest thing I ever did was quit smoking.

    Quitting smoking was a catalyst for significantly decreasing my alcohol intake, and although my alcohol intake was not outta hand (?!), it was definately more than it should have been

    I am now happier, healthier and more confident

  11. marrying my husband and having my 2 wonderful boys
  12. 1. Give up drinking.
    2. Pursue my education.
  13. Not giving up on my driving lessons, and starting learning again after I failed my test. Even though it's been two years of lessons, I'm determined!!!!
  14. 1)not taking a break from schooling and got my BA, MA, and now in law school...(knowning me, if i took a break, i wouldnt be able to return!)

    2) listening and FOLLOWING my parents' advice!! :smile:
  15. Good for you for not giving up. Good luck with the next test :yahoo: