Hey EVERYBODY :O) Tell mE wHaT's ThE sMaRtesT thIng YoU'Ve dOnE!

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  1. I gotta say ANY woman who joins the armed forces is courageous!!!!!!!!!
  2. hmmm...definately divorcing my first husband after a couple of years of marriage...LOL.....( i was young and foolish...hehe!)
  3. I will have to say - marrying my husband.
  4. marrying my husband- and NOT marrying the ones before him! (the breakup feeling was always so good- nothing like losing 180 lbs immediately)
  5. Ok, pretty different from everyone elses, accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.
  6. 1. Left abusive husband of 5 years in spite of having no job and 4 month baby

    2. Getting a job and getting back on my feet with no support from aforementioned a@@hole hubby.

    3. Going to grad school in spite of being a single parent with a toddler.
  7. The smartest thing I have ever done was moving from Huntington Beach, CA to arizona. I HATED California the whole 18+ years i was there. i LOVE it here in AZ. Orange County is soooo over rated.
  8. Wonderful everybody- it's good to let it out and write it down! Or in this case- type it out! Read it and move on- sometimes that reinforcement is crucial for people to be assured that they are on the right track and focused!

    *stay focused*
  9. Ooooh, fun thread!

    The smartest thing I have done as an adult is to stop working and stay at home with my kids (even if my father in law tells everyone that I am "just a mom" and that I have an MRS degree....:cursing:)

    gucci fan...the smartest decision I've EVER made was the same as yours
  10. Hmmm, hard to pick one thing.

    One is that I decided not to quit school after 7 years and instead moved to Florida to start working and never gave up on passing my certification test. (Took me a total of ten years from the time I started school until I passed)

    Another is that I finally decided to break up with my bf I had in FL. Deep down I knew he wasn't right for me and it was tough to come out and say it.

    Moving back to New Orleans where my family is. Now that I'm here I can't believe I even doubted I should come back. It's so nice to be here again!
  11. Smartest thing... Well, two things. Dropping out of college and then going to a different school a semester later. I normally would NEVER recommend anyone to drop out of college (its something that I find to be very, very important) but in my situation, it was the best decision ever. I was soooo unhappy at my first school. It was terrible. But now... happy as can be :o)
  12. Marry my darling husband
  13. changing careers at 39.
  14. Marrying my husband!:heart:
  15. Finding a new home for my high-maintenance pit bull (normally I am not a fan of giving up on pets but he wasn't having the life he deserved with me)--the very next day I ran across Dolores, Mathilda and Laszlo at a Pet-Smart where I was buying my sister's dog a b-day present and was able to adopt all three of them on the spot!

    Also, going out on one more date before I gave up on dating entirely and became the Crazy Neighborhood Cat Lady, because that "one more date" was the man I now call my DH!