Hey EVERYBODY :O) Tell mE wHaT's ThE sMaRtesT thIng YoU'Ve dOnE!

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  1. :roflmfao: sorry for the funny caps in the title!


    OOOOOOKay- so tell me- in your life so far-- what is the SMARTEST thing you've done!

    Let it out ladies and gents!!! No judging- just a thread on how we've overcame something by being smart- taking the "right road" or even just a personal idea that came true--THE RIGHT WAY!

    Sooo I'll go FIRST

    The smartest thing I've done is gone BACK to school after I had a child and got married- I failed miserably (and on purpose perhaps) when I was 18-21, now being the OLD age of 28 (yea I'm ripe LMAO) I can say that THAT is EMPOWERING!!!!!!!!! whooohoo!!! 3 more semesters until I'm DONE with my Biological Sciences degree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can't wait to see everybody's reply- smile :o) JUNE is ONLY 3 days away (for most of us!)

    wow- 1/2 the year is almost GONE!!!!!!!! :wlae:
  2. Leaving my ex after almost 5 years together.

    Now one year into the best relationship I could possibly imagine.
  3. The smartest thing I ever did was give Mr Puff my phone number.
  4. ^--- good choices ladies!!

    *high five*
  5. The smartest thing that i've ever done was give B a chance ;)
  6. Divorce husband #1.
  7. ahhh the smartest thing I have ever done is say yes, when my husband asked me to marry him.

    Sloppy, but 100% true :yes:, everything I do is more fun because he is in my life.
  8. The best thing I ever did for myself was to leave Michigan for San Francisco almost 11 years ago. The weather is better, my career has skyrocketed, I met a great guy and married him, met tons of wonderful people, and so on. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't moved out here.
  9. #1. Left home at 19 to join the RAF.

    #2. Left a violent relationship after nearly 4 years (21 Dec 06).

    #3. Can't wait to find out. :yahoo:
  10. This is a nice empowering thread. : )
  11. Great choices ladies---- hats off to all of you for posting in this thread- it's TOTALLY made my day!!! YOU made my day :yes:

    and riffraff - good for you for NOT taking him back- GOOD for all of you who left Mr. NONO.
  12. 1. Left @$$hole ex after 7 years.

    2. Joined the Airforce

    3. Married my husband

    4. Joined the Purse Forum:okay:
  13. Wow Bagfreak- that's awesome!!!
  14. Nice one fellow airwoman bagfreak.
  15. Thanks Frozen, oh I forgot one, finally got my driver's license one month before my 29th Birthday. :tup: