Hey everbody I found my multipocket!!!!!

  1. :yahoo: MMMinTx saw one at the Neiman Marcus in Dallas yesterday..I just got off the phone with them and they are mailing it!!!!!! It is EXACTLY the one I wanted....I had to pay full price, but at least I'm getting a $75.00 gift card....I don't have AmX so she took my info over the phone for a Neiman Marcus charge...I guess now I can REALLY do some damage now!! And I asked her to check and see if they had the matching zip clutch wallet to match and she's calling me back in 5 minutes!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!! You ALL have been great..thanx to elongreach & bag.lover for listening to me whine too! I'll post pics when I get it! This forum rocks!!!:yahoo:

    :heart: Emmy
  2. Congratulations! :yahoo:

    Enjoy it, and I'm glad you found your MP.
  3. :graucho: Well....They don't have any of the zip clutches w/ silver hardware..Only gold now....So ladies..If you see one.......Please pm me!!!!! Thanx everybody :yahoo:

    :heart: Emmy
  4. Congratulations, Emmy!
  5. Emmy, so happy that you found it. Congrats! =)
  6. I'm so happy you found it! It really is a great bag. Enjoy!
  7. That is terrific news! congrats!
  8. EMMY, congrats on your MP. I know it's been tough for you to find it! Post pics a.s.a.p!!;)
  9. I am so happy that you found it. Enjoy it!
  10. Congratulations!! :flowers: Don't forget pics!!
  11. Thanx everyone! I should be receiving the bag by Thursday...I'll definitely post pics when I get it!1 Can't wait! Woo-hoo!:heart: Emmy
  12. Totally exciting! Its so awesome to finally get what you are lusting for! Can't wait to see pics!!
  13. Congrats Emmy!

    I meant to tell you (now that I'm thinking about it) that when I went to Nordies yesterday, my SA found a black/silver MP, but it was a large. So anyone looking for one, contact Kara or Mary (preferably Kara and mention I sent you. Anyone other than those two are some bad words that I should say on the pf, but you know what I mean) at the Towson Town Center Nordies. 410-296-2111