Hey, Does anyone like the Mono Griet?

  1. Hi, girls,

    I was looking at the Monogram Griet with mixed feelings. Help me out.


  2. I am having mixed feelings, please give your opinion.

  3. me likey! i haven't seen one IRL yet, but it sounds like a functional yet stylish bag. it has a lot of vachetta on it though so if you're nervous about that i would consider the damier. i don't think that you can go wrong w/ either though!
  4. Thanx a bunch JennMSU.

    I just can't get into the Damier.........maybe you girls will help me.:girlsigh:
  5. i was actually lusting over the mirage griet (but not the one with exotic leather handles) and was able to see one irl over the weekend. i changed my mind because it was huuuuge for me. i tried putting it over my shoulder and my arm stuck out so odd, and when i put it on my arm, i could feel how heavy it would be and it was empty at that time. but it's still lovely, the shape and push lock is soo nice, but i guess it depends on your frame and if you think you'd be able to carry it well :smile:

  6. Thanx Jenn.

    I just can't get into the Damier.........maybe you girls can help:confused1:

  7. Thanx. I will keep you girls posted.
  8. I like it very much-it is just a bit too big for me!
  9. I like it better than the damier anyway. saw it irl couple week ago. tried it on but it was too big for me also.
  10. it's quite bit and heavy. I had a Damier one for about a week but it was just so difficult to carry after a while!
  11. welcome :wlae:
  12. I don't like it. I just don't find the style appealing.
  13. i just saw it IRL this past weekend. the size is very big! bigger than the tivoli gm, and also because of the structure, it doesn't stay on the shoulder very well. it's comparable to the beverly gm in size, weight, strap length, and overall style.
  14. I love it, I saw it the other week and its TDF, so big but such a great shape
  15. I like the mono but I actually like the damier much much better!! That's alot for me to say too because I usually like mono more than damier. The Damier Griet looks like a great bag though