Hey DC...Citta @ Loehmann's

  1. For those in the DC area...I was at the Loehmann's on Wisconsin Ave near Frendship Heights Metro stop. There were a couple of Citta Treninos for $194.99, 1 Foresta Trenino and 1 Citta Rosa Trenino also. There were also like a dozen Citta Scuola and a Arancia Ciao Ciao and a Arancia Zucca. Sorry I don't recall the prices of the other bags. Just remember Trenino because I got one.

    And I got 10% off for signing up for the mailing list which really helped w/my Trenino investment ;) So ask at the register!

    Pics of my first Citta bag :yahoo:Lovin' this print!
    PICT2995.JPG PICT2996.JPG
  2. Oo:huh:OOo its very pretty! I wish i had $$ to buy another bag lol.
  3. I want the citta rose trenino and the foresta! LuvToki, do u think they'll chargesend?
  4. Ur trenino is beautiful btw! Yay!
  5. congrats!!! your citta trenino is great. i

    i just stopped by a loehmanns in illinois and the sa told me they got in a ton of foresta!!! they put it out yesterday and i was actually planning on stopping by but didn't. i got there today and there was two forestas left, a trenino and canguro. she said there was scuolas and even the tote bags (not sure if she meant bv or mm!) i can't believe i was so close!!!

    i have a foresta and citta rosa trenino on hold. i couldn't decide which to get. the foresta trenino had great print placement, but i was so in love with the bright pink of the citta rosa. i never liked the pink when it came out, but i love it now!!!
  6. I don't know but you could try...the number listed on website is (202)362-4733
  7. Hoot, ill buy whichever one you dont! Which loemanns is this?
  8. I know...the pink totally grew on me. I love foresta but my sister has a Citta Rosa Trenino she uses as her laptop bag and she LOVES it. She says she gets compliments everywhere she goes.
  9. It is at 5333 Wiaconsin Ave in DC. It is right across the street from the Mazza Gallerie.
  10. Thank you so much luvtoki, ur awesome!
  11. oh i wonder if any in california have any? hmm...anyone know?
  12. i read through livejournal that the two houston stores got them in as well.
  13. Nothing in San Diego (someone else posted about it)... nothing in Irvine as of last week... nothing in the new San Marcos one as of today... need to still check out Laguna and Huntington tho for me
  14. a few citta scuolas, 3 citta treninos, and 1 cammo playground luna yesterday at the pasadena loehman's.
  15. Anyone checked NYC's Loehmann's yet?